Singles Survival Guide to the Holidays


Singles need love this holiday season.  The month before I met my husband Marc was the loneliest month ever. I hated the thought of spending one more holiday season alone. After spending almost my entire twenties single, December and I did not get along. That is why I am excited to announce I will be on the […]

Top Ten Devotional Books

Top Ten Devotional Books

Can you believe Christmas is only 58 days away? As the “Devotional Diva,” I (Renee Fisher) wanted to share my recommendations for my top ten devotional books for 2014. My life changed forever when I started reading the Bible every day. Since I was 15, I made a promise to God to spend time with […]

How to Love Your Body Through the Holidays

How to Love Your Body

[Guest Post by Rebekah Snyder – We tend to judge our bodies most during the holidays. It’s supposed to be a time to celebrate with family and friends, so why are we so quick to judge ourselves and weigh ourselves? Maybe it’s because we eat too much. Maybe it’s because we can’t help but enjoy those Christmas […]

November is National Writing Month


November is national writing month. Why? Because the world needs your novel. Some of you may think that writing is your hobby. Some of you have already participated in NaNoWriMo, an online movement meant to help you finish your novel in 30 days. And some of you might still feel lost when it comes to […]