When Dreams Die

when dreams die

[Monthly Columnist - Jaimie Bowman - I appreciate her honesty each month to write on something close to her heart. This post is for anyone who's waited months and months for their dream only to watch it die. May you be encouraged to see a miracle and the resurrection of your dream or even for [...]

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5 Tips For Healthy Living

Woman engaging in sports, outdoors

[Monthly Columnist - Jaimie Bowman. I met Jaimie at the ReThink Conference. We were both volunteers who were eagle to serve and learn from others. We've since kept in touch and I've referred her to my former literary agent. I appreciate her feedback on how to stay healthy when it's not something that comes easy [...]

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I Love My Post Baby Body


[Monthly Columnist - Jaimie Bowman] – I’ll be honest–I’m not sure how to love my post baby body. It started in the 6th grade–didn’t it for most of us? I was in P.E. class, bending over for our warm-up, when the muffled laughter came from behind me and then grew louder and louder. I turned [...]

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