An Introvert Living In An Extrovert World

an introvert living in an extrovert world

[Monthly Columnist- Rebekah Synder. I appreciate the fact that I am able to challenge Rebekah without even realizing it. I just simply ask her to post on something I think she would be great at, and then before I know it she's tweeting me about how it's the one thing she never wanted to write [...]

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How To Find Your Writing Voice

find your writing voice

[Monthly Columnist - Rebekah Snyder] – Starting this January, I am introducing a few new monthly columnists who will be guest blogging on a monthly basis. I asked Rebekah because we share a common writing friend-Sarah Martin. Like me, Rebekah was home schooled and also wrote a book on dating. Even though we have never [...]

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To Date Or Not To Date

to date or not to date

[Monthly Columnist - Rebekah Snyder] – To Date Or Not To Date – That Is The Question “I wasn’t allowed to date until I was sixteen,” I explained. “And how did that make you feel?” No, this wasn’t a therapy session, though the question may have sounded that way. It was asked by the mother [...]

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I Love My Skinny Body


[Monthly Columnist - Rebekah Snyder] – Please don’t judge me for my skinny body. “Oh my gosh, Rebekah, you are sooo skinny!” She said it like it was a compliment. As if she had called me cute or gorgeous or some other word that could lift a wounded spirit or brighten a woman’s day. But [...]

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Becoming Approachable


[Monthly Columnist - Rebekah Snyder] – Maybe beauty has nothing to do with it. Maybe instead of focusing on making ourselves beautiful, we need to focus on making ourselves approachable. I wonder if I’m the only person who thinks how ludicrous this is. Me. The girl of whom it was whispered around the youth group, [...]

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