God Is Still In The Marriage Business

God Is Still In The Marriage Business

God Is Still In The Marriage Business   [editor’s note: This post was originally published on Feb 09, 2016. Due to a recent glitch, I’m just republishing it!] My husband and I decided to get married because we wanted our lives to line up within God’s order. 

Our Next Adventure

I have known about this next adventure in my life for almost a year now. But I didn’t share it because it just never felt real or like it was actually going to happen. It seemed just too good to be true. We are a military 

When the Fireworks Lost Their Sparkle

[Guest post by Nicole Bernard: We’re welcoming back Nicole today to share her perspective on how our sins hurt God.] The Fourth of July can be quite stressful…. at least that’s my experience as a mother to a rescue basset who suffers from anxiety issues. 

Blessed to Be Back!

I’m so happy and blessed to be able to come back to Devotional Diva and continue to help women share their stories. I think I have some great posts lined up, and I hope you’ll enjoy them. The Devotional Diva schedule will be only Tuesdays 

He's Here!

  This is just a short post to let you know that my son, Oliver, was born! My due date was May 11th, but he arrived May 17th! It was definitely not the labor and delivery experience I had expected. I was induced, but the little 

Summer/Baby Break

Devotional Diva is now on summer/baby break! Initially, I intended to keep working on Devotional Diva (scheduling posts, etc.) right up until I gave birth. I was very gung-ho. I’m not due for two more weeks, but I just need to take some time for 

When Can't Becomes Can

[Guest post by Myána Chartese: We all know those times when accomplishing something seems like an insurmountable task. Here, through her son, Myána describes when can’t becomes can.] Being a mother is one of the most precious gifts you can receive from the Lord, and I’ve learned more