Italian Beach Day with My Boys

We took full advantage of my husband’s day off and went to an Italian beach! I love the beautiful Italian beaches and we had such a great day. I wanted to share some of our lovely day with you!

Italian beach umbrellas
Aren’t all the little umbrellas so cute?
O playing in the sand!
The view of my umbrella from my chair
O is not a fan of the water at first and takes a long time to acclimate himself to it!
Oh yes, nothing better than feeling the waves on your feet!
There he is starting to have fun!


b2 b4

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Churches Around the World: Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

Continuing my Churches Around the World Series (why not, right? I end up visiting a church everywhere I go!), today we’re taking a took at the Eglise Saint-Michel church in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

During a stroll with my husband and son, we met a kind lady from Manhattan who offered to take our family picture by this beautiful tree. She and her husband regularly vacationed in Villefranche. After chatting for a bit, she said that she wanted to stop into the church and see if there was anything new going on. She offered to show us around, although it’s a fairly small church.

Apparently there used to be a lot more woodcarvings and things to “look at,” but in recent years, those have sadly gone away. If you’d like more information about this particular church, follow this link to go to its TripAdvisor page.


The tree I mentioned!

france-altar france-pews france-statuefrance church


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July #littledivathings

Today, I’d like to share with you some of the #littledivathings I’ve been loving! These are just some of the things that have been especially useful/awesome to me this month.

packing cubes
Are you on the packing cube bandwagon yet? If not, get on it! Here, I have an IKEA family packing cube (pink) and an Eagle Creek packing cube (blue). I like both. I’d have to say that the Eagle Creek brand are better quality, though.
I’ve actually been using the Josie Maran Protect and Perfect Radiance with SPF 47 for awhile, but it’s especially important to have that SPF now that’s summer! When I was in Croatia, I picked up Aqua Marina face wash at the LUSH store in Zagreb…I usually use Angels on Bare Skin and bought this on accident, but I like this too!
My Filofax…This month, I switched from a Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner to a NEW A5 Aqua Patent Domino! I’m in love!
ollies pick puzzle
O’s Pick: If O could pick something, he would pick this KidKraft wooden bead maze that he received as a birthday gift from his Grandma!
hm dress
This dress is from H&M…I picked it up in Germany because I fell in love with colors. It may actually be a swim cover-up. Oh well, it makes me feel good!
I received a digital copy of Worry-Free Living by Joyce Meyer for review and to select an excerpt…I’ve just been loving it. I really, really have. It’s one of those books that has really rang true for me and come in at just the right moment.



Disclaimer: I received a copy of Worry-Free Living. I tried to find links for things, and some are affiliate links.

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German & French Food Highlights

As I was going through all of my photos from my trips to France and Germany, I noticed I took a lot of photos of what I ate. Like, way too many too include them in the original Devotional Diva posts that I did about the trips. So, I decided to save them and do a post to include my favorite food photos! Hopefully this is at least interesting for all of the foodie Divas.

My first experience of real French crepes!
French wine to go along with the crepes — This was a pretty dry Rose. It was good, and I felt very fancy.
French Carbonara!
In Berlin, we hit up Burger Dealer, home to the best burgers in Berlin!
At the Kieler Woche festival in Kiel, Germany, I stopped for a quick Doppelwaffel and soon got powdered sugar all over myself.
We stayed at an Air BnB in Germany, and our hosts cooked us this awesome meal our first night. It was so delicious!!
True German schnitzel with a beer sauce!
In the foreground of this picture, you can see my husband’s huge steak, baked potato and garlic bread. My plate is in the background, but I got a different steak that was not near as big! Also, Germans are very generous with their sour cream.



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Berlin, Germany #DivaTravel

I’m back with more German adventures! Today I’m sharing our day trip to Berlin. We spent a lot of time walking along a path learning about the Berlin wall and seeing where it was, until we ended up at the memorial and the Chapel of Reconciliation. It was a cool experience. We also stopped at a large grassy area with lots of grafiti where Oliver ran around and played. He loved it! We also walked around Museum Island later in the day!

berlin path

The metal poles are where the wall was

berlin wall berlin-grafiti 20160621_133520984_iOS

The Chapel of Reconciliation


My favorite statue at museum island


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The Stages of Post-Vacation Grief


The Stages of Post-Vacation Grief

I was inspired to write this silly little thing after returning home from my vacation to Germany. This seems to be what I go through during Post-Vacation Grief (totally a real thing) and I thought it would be fun to share since I’ve been traveling so much. Without further ado, my stages of Post-Vacation Grief…

Excitement: As I’m in the car headed home, the baby is totally passed out. I’m really tired but really excited to get back to my life. Ah yay, my own home! I have so many ideas for Devotional Diva! I have so many ideas for the house! I’ll reorganize my closet. Work on my craft room. Things will be great.

Disappointment: I get home and my house is a little messier than I thought I left it due to being followed around by a one-year-old while packing! Oh well. The baby tears it up even more when we get home. At least he has so many toys here to occupy himself with. I get some water (because my fridge is basically devoid of anything else) and sit down on my own couch for a little while.

Anxiety: I stare at my suitcase just sitting in the hallway, taunting me. There’s important stuff in there! Man, I really don’t want to unpack that monstrosity. It doesn’t have to be totally unpacked tonight, but…it will have to be at some point. Should I just do it now? Ugh.

Clean all the things: I unpack everything, make lists of how to get my house more organized, tidy up the house, give the baby a bath and put the baby to bed.

Exhaustion: I try to relax, but I’m too beat. I go to bed soon after.

Woe-is-me: The next morning, I don’t even want to do anything on my list of goals! No! I am too tired! I have all this laundry to catch up on. When I was on vacation I didn’t even have to worry about any laundry and now there is just piles! Why did I even make these lists? I’ll be lucky to even get this laundry done.

Resentment: I hate laundry and I just want my German food back.

Acceptance: After all of my laundry is done, I am glad that I now have so many options to dress my kid up in! I’m comfortable. My son is settling back into his routine and he’s happy to be reunited with his toys. We go to the grocery store, and we have everything we need. I’ve got my lists of projects and I’ll get them done… eventually!


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Kiel, Germany: Kieler Woche! #DivaTravel

As I promised on Instagram (not following the Devotional Diva Instagram? Follow this link or search @devotional_diva), I’m sharing photos from trip to Germany! This is going to have to be broken down in to more than one part. Too many pictures! Here, I’m just talking about our time spent in Kiel for Kieler Woche (Kiel Week!) It’s a huge sailing festival and it was a ton of fun. Here’s a glimpse at our adventure.

Food festival!
The aquarium!
A cool kids park
Another view of the kids park
The mall — Zero store is an homage to my cat!

kieler woche 20160618_185608653_iOS 20160619_112431128_iOS 20160619_184026238_iOS



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The French Riviera #divatravel

Today I’m sharing some photos from our trip to the French Riviera, specifically Villefranche-Sur-Mer! Oh, it was so beautiful. I loved it. What an easy-going vibe. I definitely hope to return someday!

If you didn’t know, we are military family currently blessed to be living in Italy. We are exploring Europe and I’m taking lots of pictures along the way to share on Devotional Diva!

ville1 ville2


ville6 villefranche




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An Italian Vineyard #divatravel

My visit to an Italian Vineyard

Hey Divas! Living in Italy, we are blessed to have opportunities to travel and see things we never would have before. A few weeks ago we visited an Italian vineyard and farm and I wanted to share a few photos with you from the trip!

These are baby grapes!

dining-area vineyard-2 vineyard hazy-trees


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A Rainy Day of #littledivathings

rainy day
rainy italy
The view from my Italian balcony is still spectacular even on a rainy day.
It’s a rainy day, but I have the cutest the owl mouse ever
…and the coziest little workspace on my dining table!
croatia home
A souvenir from Croatia reminding me of what felt like home!
sunny italy
By afternoon, the rain had cleared and our sapphire ocean view had returned!


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