Top 10 Christian Speakers for Women's Events

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After speaking for almost 5 years, I (Renee Fisher) thought it was time to make a top 10 list of the top 10 Christian Speakers for Women’s Events!

Some of you may not know, but I used to book Christian Speakers through Outreach Events. I worked with top notch quality speakers such as Kirk Cameron, Josh McDowell, and Lee Strobel.

Unfortunately, I was told early on that I wouldn’t book many women speakers. I was dumbfounded when my boss was right. People would call, but they couldn’t afford to pay to host speakers such as Bethany Hamilton, Sheila Walsh, or Lisa Whelchel. It also saddened me that churches would pay the same amount to host a man speaker, but not a woman speaker.

I make this list because I know these women personally. I have either heard them speak LIVE or via the Internet. I know they are top notch and affordable.

It’s also important to consider:

+ Is she a women of integrity?
+ Does she actually care about you–the listener?
+ Does she stay away from gossiping or slandering other Christian speakers?
+ Is she accessible on social media to make you feel a part of her ministry?
+ Is she connected with her local church?

I don’t what attracts you to listen to a speaker, but it is definitely not the amount of money paid to host them. There are plenty of amazing women speakers who don’t cost an arm and a leg and would be honored to speak at a church women’s retreat or women’s event.


1. Pam Farrel (traveling from San Diego, CA)

She travels more than 200 days a year, so if you want to book Pam to speak at your women’s event — you’ll have to ask in advance! She and I will be joining ChristianMingle and their Los Angeles Board Members in 2014. She is also my mentor, and I love her.

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events, MOPS groups, and marriage retreats.

2. Arlene Pellicane (traveling from San Diego, CA)

She is a fellow Harvest House author and the author of 31 Days to a Younger You, 31 Days to a Happy Husband, and is almost ready to release her new book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife. She is an amazing Christian speaker for women’s events! I have listened to her in person plenty of times.

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events, MOPS groups, and marriage retreats.

3. Sarah Raymond Cunningham (traveling from South Central Michigan)

Sarah is multi talented and has spoken in many different types of venues. A few years back she helped me launch Throw Mountains, a speaking event for the 20/30-somethings. She now works with Story Conference in Chicago and just released The Well Balanced World Changer with Moody.

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events, MOPS groups, and church leadership events.

4. Mary DeMuth (Traveling from TX)

Mary is an amazing resource as she has written over 15 books and been speaking for many years. She is a versatile Christian speaker who would make an amazing addition to your event whether it’s to women or writers.

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events, writers groups, 20/30-somethings, and church planters.

5. Sarah Francis Martin (Traveling from TX)

Sarah and I go w-a-y back to the days before we were both published authors. I am so excited that she is now working on her second book (her first is Stress Point with Thomas Nelson, a Bible study for 20-something women). She’s super friendly and loves speaking to women. She would love hearing from you!!

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events, MOPS groups, 20/30-somethings, and singles events.

6. Crystal Renaud (Traveling from Shawnee, KS)

Crystal recently hosted the WHOLE Women Conference, an online event for women. She would make a great addition especially on the topic of singleness, relationships, and overcoming addictions.

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events and singles events.

7. Nicole Unice (Traveling from Richmond, VA)

Nicole and I have known of each other before we both became published authors. It was a pleasure to meet her at the Story Chicago Conference, and her book She’s Got Issues is amazing (I should know I endorsed it). She is launching her first ever women’s conference in 2014. She is a spitfire Christian speaker for women!

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events, MOPS groups, 20/30-somethings, and singles events.

8. Tracy Steel (Traveling from Albuquerque, NM)

Tracy is just about one of the sweetest ladies ever. I can’t wait to finally meet her in person soon. She would make an amazing addition to your women’s speaking event. She describes herself more as a speaker and less of a blogger. She is an IN PERSON woman who loves getting personal and encouraging women face-to-face!

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events, MOPS groups, and singles events.

9. Jaimie Bowman (Traveling from Los Angeles, CA)

Jaimie and I met at the Re:Think Conference and I quickly realized how amazing she was. She writes on ministry and motherhood and just released her first eBook for mothers. She couldn’t be more authentic about both!

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events or MOPS groups.

10. Ronel Sidney (Traveling from San Diego, CA)

Ronel is a woman who goes hard after God. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for quite a few years in person and online. I love how transparent she is–even when she is not doing what she wishes she was doing. She is the Vice President/National Director for Praise and Coffee and has been speaking at women’s for many years.

She would make a great Christian speaker for women’s events or MOPS groups.

Honorable Mentions – Top 31 Christian Speakers for Women’s Events

Because I certainly couldn’t stop with 10–I decided to list, in NO particular order, women also worth connecting with to speak at your women’s event. I am listed last or 31st (also my age)!

If I forgot someone or you would like to add someone to the list–please leave a comment below. Thanks!

11. Lisa Velthouse (CA) –
12. Addie Zierman (MI) –
13. Lisa Whittle (TX) –
14. Rayni Peavy (CA) –
15. Kimberly Davidson Campbell  (AR) –
16. Rachel Berry (CA) –
17. Brenda Rogers –
18. Laurie Coombs –
19. Dabney Hedegard – 
20. Annie Downs – (TN)
21. Sarah Markley (CA) –
22. Paige Omartian (TN) –
23. Tricia Davis (TN) –
24. Bethany Jett –
25. Anne Marie Miller (TN) –
26. Tiffany Dawn –
27. Ava Pennington – (CO)
28. Dawn Marie Wilson (CA) –
29. Marcia Ramsland (CA) –
30. Jo Saxton –
31. Renee Fisher (CA) –

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  1. Thanks one million dark chocolates for the sweet, unexpected mention~!

    1. Ooh call it milk chocolates and now I’m in heaven 🙂

  2. Jaimie Bowman says:

    Same here, girlfriend – my mouth might have even dropped open 🙂 You are so amazing in the way you honor and esteem others – it continually humbles me!!

    1. I’m amongst great company!!

  3. Karen Hossink says:

    I love Ronel Sidney. 🙂
    And although I know you don’t know me – I would love to be added to your list. *wink*
    Karen Hossink:

  4. Tiffany Dawn says:

    Oh my goodness! I just stumbled across this and was so blessed! Thank you! 🙂

  5. Gail Suratt Davis says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could hear from godly women more often. So often we hear the men’s perspective, but that leaves out a whole other side to the matter. Unfortunately, I have only heard of two of these ladies. I guess that could be because we have been out of the USA for 14 years as missionaries. I would love to have any of you come to Cape Town and Johannesburg to lead a conference. Email me at or comment on this comment and we can talk some more about it.

  6. I’ll admit I don’t know many of these names either…I would however highly recommend any member of the Proverbs 31 Team – I’ve heard most of them at the SheSpeaks Conference and they have all been fantastic!!
    Any chance you can list the locations of each speaker? I know for many churches travel arrangements can be a budget buster. Looking forward to checking these ladies out!

    1. Great idea Cyndee, I just added the locations for you!!!

  7. […] created a Top 10 Christian Speakers for Women’s Events blog last Christmas on, and listed myself last in a list of 31 women. […]

  8. What a great list! But don’t forget to give the Northwest some love! In fact, I have just the gal! Tracy Worley stationed right out of Missoula, Mt. She’s one of the country’s leading grace coaches and definitely deserves some love! Check her out:

  9. I was so encouraged reading this. I am a Christian psychologist in private practice in Tennessee. I have been doing some speaking engagements and would love to do more. I have such a yearning to share with those who may never be able or willing to go to counseling. I have been praying for direction and hope that you will visit my website and offer any suggestions that might help. I love writing and speaking about matters that so deeply affect our spiritual and emotional health, relationships, and life direction. Thanks for what you are doing.



  10. I wanted to give a shout out for Kim Kyle traveling from NC. She has done an anointed and fun ladies’ retreat at my church for years. We don’t ask anyone else anymore! She is also in that position for several other churches in NC and WI, but will travel anywhere she is called. Until recently, she was a full time church ministry worker, but she is now starting to do speaking and mentoring full time.

    Kim is so transparent about her own struggles and failures. She brings her audience closer to Jesus through Spirit-led worship, prayer, and ministry. Our identity in Christ becomes clearer as she teaches. She has a way of connecting to women of all ages with her genuine care for them. Visit her website:, Facebook page: Kind Intentions Ministries or check her out on Twitter: @kindintentions2. You will be blessed!

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