Why I Stopped Taking Lexapro

Why I Stopped Taking Lexapro

I’ve been looking forward to sharing my story on why I stopped taking Lexapro.

I was originally diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in my 20s. I shared how to move on with your life on DevotionalDiva.com a few weeks ago. In it, I said,

What I appreciated about my nurse practitioner is that she took the time to listen to me. She didn’t just tell me there was nothing (or everything) wrong with me. When she diagnosed me…it felt nice to finally know what the heck was wrong with me!

I’ve taken Lexapro a few times in my life, but mostly for short periods of time from six months to about a year and a half. This last time on Lexapro covered over four years, and I always felt drugged.

Honestly, it’s taken me this long to get healthy and feel comfortable enough with sharing why I went back on Lexapro. You can read more of that here: why sexual harassment at work is wrong.

Mental health month is important to me because I don’t want others to have to suffer as much as I did. 

It’s okay to get help.
It’s okay to make doctors appointments, feel stuck, and not know what to do next.

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