A Woman Unashamed

(c) Monique Pearson Photographer

[Guest Post by Sarah P] – This is an emotional message, and I don’t like writing out of emotions. But since reading Friends With Girls, I’ve been eaten up. I didn’t want to spill my guts on your blog–and probably should be writing this to someone who actually knows me. But I just want to [...]

True Friendship


Sometimes the most holy and true act of friendship is to give up our rights. Everybody wants to be King David. Nobody wants to be Jonathan. David didn’t manipulate Jonathan for an easy way in or deceive him for the biggest seat in the house. Why? Jon was his friend. David endured shame, ran for [...]

Friends With Girls

(c) Monique Pearson Photography

[Guest post by Andrea Marbach] – I know the feeling of being friends with girls and being left out in a conversation. The feeling of being less important and ignored. Being single is all I know. I have never been on a real date. Never been asked out for drinks. Never been kissed. I’m almost [...]

Intentional Friendship

Do your friends inconvenience you?

[Guest Post by Julianna] – Friendship is the mother of all relationships; ironically. Without friendship, the human race cannot thrive. We could survive, sure, but we wouldn’t be living at our full capacity. We wouldn’t be tapping into who we really are: Created beings in the image of a relational God. Now with that, let [...]

Friends With Boys

Is love all we think about?

[Guest post by Clara Bastidas] – Sometimes I wish love wouldn’t have such a huge hold in our lives as women. Love is an important part of our lives whether we want it or not. I wish it was the topic of politics, or gardening. But I know God created us this way, and if [...]

Married With Friends


Since Marc and I got married, I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships. There’s a difference between being a private person and hiding your sins, or a public person and wanting attention. I’m an author so I automatically fall into the public arena. Some days this is great. Other days I groan inwardly. My husband [...]