I Survived My 20s – Change


[Guest Post by Tracy] – I tried to stifle the tears as I watched my parents drive off. What had I done? I graduated from college and secured my first job; that’s what. Earlier that week I said my goodbyes, loaded the car, and moved across state lines to New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment.” […]

I Survived My 20s – Failure


[Guest post by Allison Vesterfelt] -I only have one year left of my twenties. It’s been a crazy, wild, ride, and it’s going to be over really soon. I have mixed feelings about that.  Part of me is bummed to get old. You know wrinkles, slowed metabolism, an inability to operate basic electronic equipment, that […]

Pre Engagement Questions Series


During the month of July I will be doing a series on Pre Engagement Questions before popping the question. I will be highlighting a few guest posts, book giveaways, and 5 key questions to ask before getting engaged. This time last year, Marc and I were thinking about getting engaged. We spent much time discussing […]

Permission To Transition


Sometimes, you need to give yourself permission to transition. Why? Because no one else can do it for you. This past week has been the most amazing spiritual high ever and I feel I may never come down. It’s not an emotional high, but the benefits of walking obediently. Two weeks ago, I wrote a […]