Becoming a Stay At Home Dad

stay at home dad

[Guest Post by Sonny Lemmons. One of the most humble and equally funny writers I’ve (never) met. Can’t wait to meet Sonny, an amazing stay at home dad/writer at Story Chicago Conference this Fall. I hope more people stop judging SAHD’s after reading this article.] I wish I could say that when Ashley and I […]

Moving Back Home With Parents

moving back home with parents

[Guest post by Diana Palka] – There’s really no glamorous way to come to terms with moving back home with parents. It’s not that it’s a wretchedly horrific concept–in fact, I didn’t think much of it until I was here. But once the excitement of graduation fizzled away and I settled into a non-academia life for the […]

Moving Out and Living On Your Own

Lauren Mechling

A day or so after I decided on the theme for March–I read an article in the February 2013 issue of Marie Claire that caught my attention. It was written by a young and witty woman named Lauren Mechling. In her article House Mate, she says, “At 26, I moved into a typical Brooklyn apartment–two […]

The Benefits of Living Together

roommates wanted

Around Christmas time, I was walking Star–my dog–and stopped to talk to my neighbor. I told him how excited I was that this was going to be my second Christmas with Marc. His immediate question was, “So when are you getting married?” Shocked, I said that we were already married. His next reaction was priceless. […]

On Writing: Interview with Jeff Goins

jeff goins

I wasn’t going to post this week since I started working on my fourth manuscript, but was delighted to hear from Jeff Goins. This month’s series on writing was all about helping new authors learn to Start Writing Now #StartWritingNow. Also, if you missed the series, I posted an easy way to view all of […]