Pursuing the Writing Dream

Amanda Luedeke

[Guest post by Amanda Luedeke – Meet my literary agent! She is not only talented but a fellow millennial. I am so excited to not only introduce you to her, but her new book The Extroverted Writer. If you are needing marketing/platform help, this eBook is for you. Leave a comment below to win a […]

Give Life To Your Dreams

give life to your dreams

[Guest Post by Dawn Wilson. Even though we have many mutual friends, we actually met in Chicago at Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s first True Woman Conference. After we were formally introduced through Pam Farrel, we became friends and learned to encourage each other in our writing. She has known me since before I was published–and is […]

Pursue A Dream

pursue a dream

[Guest Post by Alexandrea J. Wilson. When I met Alexandrea through social media I wasn’t expecting to find such a warm-hearted person. She seriously exudes (is that a word?) self-confidence and passion (my kind of girl). I hope you’ll welcome her once again as she shares about which dream to pursue.] I have a confession. […]

Becoming My Best Self

becoming my best self

[Guest post by Catherine Hawkins. I just met Catherine, and I am already glad we met. After submitting her first piece, I read it and thought how much I still feel this way. Maybe you or I will never quite feel like a grown up, but that’s okay too. Enjoy her piece!] When I was […]

New Theme for April: Pursuing Dreams

dreams that lead to freedom

This April I am introducing a new theme on pursuing dreams. When I was in my early 20’s, I had a dream about my future. I was at a concert and I had a brochure of people’s pictures and where they would end up in 20 years based on the choices they were making today. […]

Becoming a Stay At Home Dad

stay at home dad

[Guest Post by Sonny Lemmons. One of the most humble and equally funny writers I’ve (never) met. Can’t wait to meet Sonny, an amazing stay at home dad/writer at Story Chicago Conference this Fall. I hope more people stop judging SAHD’s after reading this article.] I wish I could say that when Ashley and I […]