On Writing: Interview with Jeff Goins

I wasn’t going to post this week since I started working on my fourth manuscript, but was delighted to hear from Jeff Goins. This month’s series on writing was all about helping new authors learn to Start Writing Now #StartWritingNow. Also, if you missed the series, I posted an easy way to view all of […]

Inauguration Day 2013

[Monthly Columnists – Hannah Stovall] – Starting this January, I am introducing a few new monthly columnists who will be guest blogging on a monthly basis. Hannah actually asked me! At first I was hesitant because she didn’t yet know all the details, but once I told her–she was in! I love a brave woman. […]

How to Start Journaling

Here are a few tips on how to start journaling daily. First, watch the video and then read the tips! 1. Start with, “Dear God” instead of “Dear Journal” or “Dear Diary.” As I said in the video, life is busy and there isn’t a lot of time to write fluffy things or draw hearts […]

Start Writing Now Synchroblog

I’m asking you to share tips on how to start writing now through Thursday the 24th. As a full time writer and published author of three books, I know what it takes to get published. I also know that I didn’t get to be published without the help of writing mentors, encouraging family members, and […]

How to Write Devotionals

[Monthly Columnist – Wendy van Eyck] – Starting this January, I am introducing a few new regular contributors who will be guest blogging on a monthly basis. I asked Wendy because we share a common love of devotionals. She runs the site ilovedevotionals.com and lives in South Africa. She has written on my site about […]

I Met Tim Tebow

Last night I met Tim Tebow. Well, actually–I met his mom Pam! I had the pleasure of attending the annual fundraising banquet dinner for Alternatives Women’s Center in Escondido, CA. Their main speaker was Pam Tebow, whom we all know as Tim Tebow’s mom. Not only was Pam Tebow gracious, but she accepted an autographed […]