Monday Meditations #5 – Your Situational Comedy


[Guest Post by Lindsay Morelli] – I love watching situational comedy on TV. Not because of the great writing, or the relatable characters, or the not-so-relatable characters, but because for 22 minutes I am reminded that it’s entirely normal for our lives to become comical chaos. Each Monday morning the world wakes up to a […]

I Survived My 20s – Quarter Life Crisis


[Guest Post by Alison Lublink] – I feel like my 20s was just one big quarter life crisis.  don’t even know where to start, really. I guess when I turned 20 I was in University studying music, thinking I was going to be a music teacher. You know, impart that all-powerful wisdom to children and […]

Monday Meditations #4 – Ungrateful


[Guest Post by Ashley] – The past couple weeks I have found myself very down and ungrateful. Trying to keep it together on the outside but ready to burst into tears on the inside at any given moment. I moved to Nashville 4 years ago. When I moved here I didn’t see myself working a […]

I Survived My 20s – Fatherless


[Guest Post by Anonymous] – From a very young age, I knew the Lord. I was lucky to have grown up in the church, and was strong in my faith. God knew that he had to prepare me at an early age for what I would be up against. Secrecy. Shame. Pain. I am fatherless. […]

I Survived My 20s – Rape


 [Guest Post by Laura] – Finally at the age of twenty six–I was settling into my own apartment in a country that I loved to do the ministry that God had called me to do. With the help of teammates I had successfully managed to purchase a car, appliances, furniture and other necessities. While these […]

Monday Meditations #2 – Carrying On The Work

[Guest Post by Marc Fisher] – “Now Joseph and all his brothers and all that generation died” (Exodus 1:6). Yes a generation was now gone but God’s work was not yet complete. His promise was not fulfilled so there was still work to be done. Joseph had continued the work which his father Jacob had […]