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I remember sitting at my friend’s house when I was about 8 years old, looking at the new Bible she had received.

King James Version? I thought. Isn’t it just the Bible?

Of course, I had my own Bible. It was also the KJV, but I guess I never noticed the inscription on the title page. It was years until I understood why there were different versions of the Bible, and learned that there were so many! As a child, it seemed confusing to me. I knew that there was only one Word. How could there be different Bibles?

Only recently did I start using and really looking at different versions. The Bible I’ve been using personally is the New Living Translation (NLT). I’ve found that it is very easy to connect with. However, using the awesome Bible Gateway, I often like to see what other versions say for any given verse. Sometimes I do it to help me understand.

It’s kind of like when you’re playing the game Taboo (or Password) — different words, phrases, or descriptions can help you  understand. If you’ve never played Taboo, one player tries to describe a word without actually using the word and their partner must guess what the word is. Maybe one descriptor doesn’t connect with your brain when you’re guessing, but the next one might give you more information to understand.

When you’re studying the Bible, isn’t the whole point to try to understand better or gain more insight into God’s Word? That’s why I think it’s useful to look at other translations.

I’ll be candid — I do think it kind of sucks that we have to deal with translations of the Bible. But that’s just what happens when there are so many languages. I speak English, and unfortunately that’s not what the books of the Bible were originally written in. Since that’s where we’re at, I’ll go ahead and take advantage of the many versions of the Bible to try to understand God more.

The King James Version of the Bible is commonly held as the “Gold Standard.” I know that some studies require the use of it. I’m no Bible scholar in any way, shape or form, but the KJV has held up for hundreds of years. The new Modern English Version (MEV Bible) is basically the contemporary version of the KJV.

The problem I have with the KJV (and why I prefer the NLT) is that it’s older language. It’s harder to understand sometimes. It’s harder to connect with sometimes. For me, it’s also harder to memorize scripture through it.

I had the privilege of looking over the Modern English Version, and I’m really impressed. Here’s a quick example:

Hebrews 10:24

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: (KJV)

And let us consider how to spur one another to love and to good works. (MEV)

The MEV is a literal translation, and is translated word-for-word rather than thought-by-thought. I don’t want to go deep into the translations and how it compares to other versions. It is very similar to the King James Version since that’s what the MEV is based on.

But it’s so much easier for me to understand the Modern English Version. It’s so much lighter and easier to read. But it doesn’t water down the scripture either.

I’m thrilled to be able to share another giveaway with you! I have FOUR copies of the SpiritLed Promise Books on Hope & Assurance ready to be sent out! They’re filled with tons of scripture, sorted by topic in the MEV translation. Really handy!

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Disclaimer: The MEV Bible and the SpiritLed Promise Books on Hope & Assurance were graciously provided to me. All opinions remain my own!


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