Beauty Saturday: Jessica

beauty saturday on devotional diva

[Guest post by Kimberly Asia Hall: Beauty Saturday is a new weekly feature that gives a little different take on "women sharing their stories."] Client name: Jessica Location: Charlotte, NC Event: Evening party Marital Status: Single Occupation: Business owner I met Jessica during my time as an artist at MAC Cosmetics in Columbia, SC (Belk-Columbiana [...]

Living Waters: Freedom Begins

susan deborahs on Devotional Diva

[Guest post by Susan Deborahs: When I became the editor of Devotional Diva, one of the big changes I made was regarding submissions. I wanted women to be able to share their stories in forms other than written posts, and this is the first video submission! (As a reminder, I am also making my own video [...]

Gossip is Not a Harmless Sin

gossip: a harmless sin?

[Guest Post by Jenee Day: I honestly used to think gossiping was okay, even though I was a Christian. As I got older, I realized, like Jenee, gossip is not a harmless sin. Here's why.] Today I contributed to the destruction of a relationship. Contributed is probably the wrong word.  Comparing the relationship to a [...]

The Scarless Pledge

takiela bynum on devotional diva

[Guest post by Takiela Bynum: Do you struggle with self-harm? Are you ready to take the scarless pledge? So glad God brought Takiela to Devotional Diva to share this!] Some people cut for relief, I cut because I wanted to die. She’d taken several pain killers to prevent her from feeling any pain. Besides, she needed [...]

Sink or Swim?

sink or swim

[Guest post by Sophia Reed: I hope you enjoy this inspiring story that shows no matter what, you can swim.] When I was 23 years old, I found myself in a situation that was going to change my life forever: I was going to be a mom. At 23 I was not doing bad for [...]

A Jonah Story

jonah story

  [Guest post by Onome. I love the way Onome looks at life's situations and relates them back to the Lord. If you've ever felt like you're in the belly of a giant fish, this is for you.]   I was reading my five-year-old’s Bible one day when I ran into the Jonah story. Reading [...]