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Currently, I am attempting to become a reformed worrier. I have been working on this for awhile, because my worrying used to get really out of hand. And there are sooo many scriptures that instruct one to not worry. It is a process. I have gotten better at handling my fears and anxiety about things, […]

Devote Yourself!

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Devotional Diva will be getting a new look in the very near future (yay!), so I thought now was as good a time as any to introduce you to a new tagline I’ve come up with for the site.     I’ve been playing around with this for a while in my head… “Devote Yourself.” […]

Spiritual Fitness


Happy Valentine’s Day, Divas! Are you ready for Lent? No? Yeah, I can’t believe it’s almost here either (Feb. 18th!!)! I really enjoy going through devotionals during the whole year, but especially during Lent. I was contacted by the ladies at Vaulter Fit, a fitness blog, about their new Lent devotional Spiritual Fitness. It is […]

Little Diva…or Divo?

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Since this is my first blog post on Devotional Diva this year, happy new year and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! But Divas, we’ve got an issue on our hands. In November, I announced my pregnancy. If you’ll recall, I said that a baby girl would be a little Diva (obviously) and I pondered […]