The True Star: Short and Sweet Christmas Devotionals

the true star

The morning air had already begun to get brisk and now it stayed darker for longer in the morning.  Daylight savings was just around the corner. The leaves displaying their multitude of shades as they drop lightly from the trees, car windows covered in the morning dew, not yet winter but knowing it’s right around the corner. I had only stopped to get bug spray but as I stood in the checkout line I remembered, “I need to get Christmas lights!” 

Our Immanuel: Short and Sweet Christmas Devotionals

our immanuel

The Baby in the Manger – Our Immanuel

My friends, Christmas for me once meant the warm feeling of smelling and drinking peppermint tea; cocoa; gifts under the tree; the lights and the gigantic tree in the malls and of course the hyped consumerism that goes with it.  Over the years, this meaning changed when I met people from all walks of life sharing how lonely this season has become for various reasons. The change for me was three-fold:

Blessed and Highly Favored? Short and Sweet Christmas Devotionals

Luke 1:28 “And having come in, the angel said to her, ‘Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!”

Naturally, we want the Christmas story to be a happy one. It’s our tendency to romanticize events even in the Bible, but sometimes the most significant stories are filled with pain, disappointments, tragedy and grief. Mary’s story within the Christmas story is one that has always fascinated me in that way. If I could talk to her, I’d love to hear her take. Not the commercialized, glamorized story we may tell. I mean the story that is less celebrated.

Candy Cane Christmas: Sweet and Short Christmas Devotionals

Every year, we buy a box of candy canes and hook them one by one onto our wooden snowman candy cane holder that sits on the kitchen counter for the whole Christmas season. The candy canes look pretty, and I’m sure they taste delicious, but I couldn’t really tell you. That’s the funny thing: although we do this every year, I’m always so busy running from work to church to Christmas parties that I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten one.

            There’s a bit of controversy about where the candy cane originated, but most people think that a choirmaster from the late 17th century had trouble keeping his young choir in line. He decided to give them candy sticks to keep them quiet—but not just any candy.

Enrich Your Life with Thanksgiving

enrich your life with thanksgiving

America celebrates Thanksgiving this month.  But this should not just be an American celebration done once a year, it should be a global celebration done every day.  Christ followers and non-Christ followers should live a life of thanksgiving for the gift of life, salvation health, finance, relationship, career, business opportunities, talents, time and so on.