It’s Time for Your Unveiling

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Karen Yango. Are you facing a time in your life where you’re feeling, it’s time to unveil?]


And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:18 NIV

I use to be that girl in the corner afraid to speak up, to let her voice be heard, to be seen. I use to be the girl that didn’t know just how beautiful she was, I was that shy girl…you know that girl that you easily pass by. I was afraid of revealing my hidden beauty.

Before I was here, I was there, a hidden place. All the gems and beautiful quirks that God so intricately planted in me were hidden deep inside. I didn’t let anybody in; I didn’t let anybody see me. You see, I (and you too) have an enemy, and the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. By destroying who I was meant to be, I became less of an obstacle for the enemy to do what he does best.

I was shy, broken, insecure, lost, with an identity that I didn’t understand. I was veiled, veiled by the evil one.


You might be familiar with the old me, you might have been her or is still her. But something has to change, you cannot stay veiled. The Lord placed so many gems inside of you; He placed characteristics, dreams, and wonders in you that can move nations. You can’t let Satan mask what the Lord has perfectly created; you must reveal your hidden beauty. You are wonderful, beautiful and have a voice that needs to be heard, you need to be seen just as much as everyone else.



It is only through Jesus Christ that you may become the person you were meant to be. My unveiling was and continues to be a journey. Each and every day, the Lord shows me more and more of who I was meant to be. He reveals the hidden parts of me that I thought was dead, the parts that the devil wanted to steal.

For the longest time, I believed the lie that I wasn’t good enough and not deserving of God’s amazing wonders. I accepted a life of survival because I didn’t believe that I was “special” enough to experience heaven on earth. The devil led me to believe that my mistakes would stop me from experiencing God’s goodness I thought that endless joy and peace were for the few. I thought that my quirks made me weird, that it was a mistake on God’s part… an oopsie you might say.


Little did I know that no sin could separate me from God’s love. That my story was written before time, that God knew me before I was in my mother’s womb and that the Lord is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes on His creations. Little did I know that I was God’s favorite (and you are too). I didn’t know that it pleases the Lord to bless his children, to bless me.


When you don’t know the truth, it is easy to believe lies. To become unveiled, you must meditate on the Word of God; you have to know what God thinks of YOU. When you open up your heart to Jesus, you will realize that His view of you is infinitely better than your view of you.


The Lord’s words

My father, the Lord of lords, the King of kings tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. That my presence will bring nations towards Him, that my house shall be blessed because of me. In my brokenness, I am beautiful.  I am His favorite, the apple of His eye. God tells me that my quirks make me different, and that is ok, I was never meant to be like everyone else. He tells me that I shouldn’t hide the part of me that wants to love and care deeply; it is those characteristics that the people around me need the most.

My father tells me that He made no mistakes when He formed me. No longer should I hide, the world needs what He has placed in me; I am the salt of the earth. I shouldn’t fear rejection but reject fear. He tells me it is time to be unveiled.


What is the Lord telling you?

It is time for your unveiling.


karen yangoKaren Yango, is a recent college student and a Washington DC native. She is a children’s ministry leader and the visionary and writer behind She loves inspiring young women to live life bodly and abudantly by being focused on their purpose and relationship with God. In her free time, Karen loves to read, listen to podcasts, cook new recipes, and dance. To connect with Karen,
check her out here…blog: Insta:@IAMK.Y.T
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