Matters of the Heart

matters of the heart

“At the heart of every matter there is a matter of the heart.” We all have reasons to fear the unknown. Fear derives from our past and present situations and experiences. Why is it that two people could have the same experience and have two totally different outcomes and perspectives? Have we overlooked how much we all have in common?

Bible Plan Recs for Fall

bible gateway youversion bible plans

Can you believe summer is already over? (womp womp) Unless you’re a southern hemisphere Diva ready for spring!

I’ve been really into the Bible Gateway App’s reading plans (not an ad, and I know many of you have the app too!) so I wanted to share some of my recent favorites. These are like little Bible studies you can do on your phone. They have devotional and accompanying scriptures. You may recall I mentioned loving the plan Soul Detox last year.

A Cat Named Mascot

a cat named mascot

Over the past year and a half, I began to study closely the life of Mascot—his going out and coming in, and my husband’s interactions with him, and his with my husband. It has been during these times that the Holy Spirit ministered to me that the relationship between Mascot and my husband can be compared to our relationship with God. There are two very important similarities.