Venice, Italy — Diva Travel

The Wintertons in Venice! I know some of you really like my travel posts…I almost didn’t share Venice because it was a quick trip we did a few weeks ago, but then I thought, “WHY NOT?” I haven’t done a travel post in awhile! Venice was one of the best, most beautiful places we’ve been to.
St Mark’s Square in Venice…this is what it’s like when you walk in. I was just struck (“SHOOK” in millennial speak) by the beauty. So many landmarks, so little time (and a tiny tot who did NOT want to be there)!
Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica) — Very Fabulous!
I believe this is the Library!
Up close to the Doge’s Palace
One of my better pictures of the Canal Grande
View of the Doge’s Palace (seriously SO BEAUTIFUL) and the Campanile from the water bus.
Canal views
I really hope we can go back someday and spend some more time here…If you ever get the chance to visit Italy, make sure Venice is on your itinerary!