Gratitude for Daily Blessings

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[Guest post by Jo Ann Erwin: Jo Ann sent me two samples from her “Daily Blessings” writings, but I was very partial to this one due to my pet-loving nature. I thought the message of gratitude was perfect to leave off with just before Thanksgiving here in the US. There will be no Saturday post, […]

Be Transparent & Get Naked

be transparent and get naked

[Guest post by Alicia Gill: I’m usually one to be pretty direct and honest; I have trouble holding in sour emotions. In this post, Alicia’s Sunday school student gives a great example of being transparent, letting it out, and “getting naked.”] “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: […]

I’ll Do What’s Best for Me

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  I came across this quote online earlier…and it just had to be this Saturday’s post. It’s important to remember what you need, despite what you think others may want or need. Personally, I’m struggling with this. I want to go full-steam ahead with all of the plans I have, but physically I need to […]

The Magnitude of Our Gratitude

magnitude of our gratitude

[Guest post by Sherrie Harris: Sherrie sent in this post that is perfect for this thanksgiving time! Please enjoy her inspiring story of gratitude and grace.] As the girls entered the room, trickling in one or two at a time, their faces shone with gratefulness and possibilities. They began to cry out in unadulterated and […]

Little Miracle on the Way!

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I’m writing this post on my 3rd wedding anniversary. When I was younger, I always used to imagine being pregnant on my 3rd anniversary. I guess I just thought that would be a good time to have my first baby. And I wanted a May baby, because my home state of Iowa usually has pretty […]

Letting Go

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  I recently let go of something that was really, really bugging me. Sometimes, I hang onto issues that are bothering me until something happens that makes me get pretty angry. And then, because I hate being angry and upset…I’m just able let go. And it’s the sweetest feeling. There’s nothing sweeter than letting go. →M