Gossip is Not a Harmless Sin

gossip: a harmless sin?

[Guest Post by Jenee Day: I honestly used to think gossiping was okay, even though I was a Christian. As I got older, I realized, like Jenee, gossip is not a harmless sin. Here's why.] Today I contributed to the destruction of a relationship. Contributed is probably the wrong word.  Comparing the relationship to a [...]

Beauty Saturday: India

devotional diva

[Guest post by Kimberly Asia Hall: Welcome to the first official "Beauty Saturday" on Devotional Diva! Last week you were introduced to our new "Beauty Diva" and here is her first blog post! Every week, Asia will share the stories of women whose makeovers she has done!] Name: India I. Francis. Born: New Orleans, Louisiana [...]

The Scarless Pledge

takiela bynum on devotional diva

[Guest post by Takiela Bynum: Do you struggle with self-harm? Are you ready to take the scarless pledge? So glad God brought Takiela to Devotional Diva to share this!] Some people cut for relief, I cut because I wanted to die. She’d taken several pain killers to prevent her from feeling any pain. Besides, she needed [...]

Sink or Swim?

sink or swim

[Guest post by Sophia Reed: I hope you enjoy this inspiring story that shows no matter what, you can swim.] When I was 23 years old, I found myself in a situation that was going to change my life forever: I was going to be a mom. At 23 I was not doing bad for [...]

Meet Our “Beauty Diva” Asia!

Kimberly Asia Hall

[Editor’s note: Asia approached me with the idea of becoming the “Beauty Diva” — As a professional makeup artist, she wanted to share photos of her makeovers and the stories of those women! I was pretty excited. I believe this will be a cool weekly feature to have on Devotional Diva, and I hope you [...]

A Jonah Story

jonah story

  [Guest post by Onome. I love the way Onome looks at life's situations and relates them back to the Lord. If you've ever felt like you're in the belly of a giant fish, this is for you.]   I was reading my five-year-old’s Bible one day when I ran into the Jonah story. Reading [...]