Enrich Your Life with Thanksgiving

enrich your life with thanksgiving

America celebrates Thanksgiving this month.  But this should not just be an American celebration done once a year, it should be a global celebration done every day.  Christ followers and non-Christ followers should live a life of thanksgiving for the gift of life, salvation health, finance, relationship, career, business opportunities, talents, time and so on.

Find Soul Rest with Jesus!

Bethany Calverley

So often, well for me anyway, when things aren’t going the way ‘I’ have planned I rush into opportunities that I think are from God without actually praying about it. A perfect example of this was a job that I recently received – This Job wasn’t for me at all and I ended up really burning myself out. If I had of just sat still for a few weeks and listened to what my God was telling me to do I wouldn’t be sitting in the struggle I physically and mentally found myself in. Sometimes God actually gives us a chance to stop and just rest. Rest in his promises, rest in his will for us and rest in DREAMING!

He is my Rock in my Hard Place

he is my rock in the hard place

All at once it reminded me of Jesus. How in every difficult circumstance I’ve ever faced, He has shown His love, grace, compassion, and mercy, gently guiding me through dry and barren seasons. Proving his faithfulness by supplying all my needs, and showing me new hope in the mornings after nights of worry and fear. It reminded me of the truth that He is my Rock in the hard place.

$100 & Counting

100 counting

$100 and Counting

This time I made sure the shower and music were on when I began to sob.  I did not want my son to hear me from outside the bathroom since his room was right next door.  As I stood directly under the shower head I cried, cried, and cried some more.  I was tired, exhausted and at my wit’s end.  All of the bills were overdue and I was already robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Unfortunately, Peter was broke now too. 

Matters of the Heart

matters of the heart

“At the heart of every matter there is a matter of the heart.” We all have reasons to fear the unknown. Fear derives from our past and present situations and experiences. Why is it that two people could have the same experience and have two totally different outcomes and perspectives? Have we overlooked how much we all have in common?

Bible Plan Recs for Fall

bible gateway youversion bible plans

Can you believe summer is already over? (womp womp) Unless you’re a southern hemisphere Diva ready for spring!

I’ve been really into the Bible Gateway App’s reading plans (not an ad, and I know many of you have the app too!) so I wanted to share some of my recent favorites. These are like little Bible studies you can do on your phone. They have devotional and accompanying scriptures. You may recall I mentioned loving the plan Soul Detox last year.