Devote Yourself on Pinterest!

devote yourself on pinterest devotional divaI have an idea. Maybe it’s a lame idea that won’t work out, but I’m willing to try!

I love Pinterest and I thought maybe we could have a Devotional Diva community board that all the Divas can pin to. We could share quotes and other inspiring/encouraging pictures, articles, etc. on there. I went ahead and made the board, you can check it out right here.

The thing is that in order to add pins to it, you need to be invited first. 🙁 Pinterest has a messaging system now, but you can only message people that are following you as far as I can tell. So for now, I think it would just be easiest for you to email me requesting an invite.

If you have Pinterest and want to add to the board, just email me at editor(at)devotionaldiva(dot)com with your name and email address and I’ll invite you to join the fun!

If you’d just like to check me out on Pinterest, this is my link!