I don’t always feel comfortable writing or speaking on my life as a military wife, but I’m realizing lately that it’s important.

My life as a military wife is deeply personal and for security reasons as well, I don’t share details of my life until long after it has happened.

But as the editor of Devotional Diva, I need to continue to share my story. Sharing our stories is one the most powerful ways to affect change. *PSA: Want to share your story too? See this link about guest blogging on Devotional Diva.

Due to a deployment, my husband was separated from me and my son for four months. We just recently reunited in the States (where my son and I were). To be honest, becoming a family unit once again is an adjustment. We just traveled back to Europe, too, and are whooped (a full day of flying + 11 hours of driving to get to our final destination).

I like taking a short break at the end of the summer to refresh Devotional Diva for the fall, and having a break to focus on my reunited family will be nice. I always try to keep you guys up-to-date with the posting schedule, so the rest of this week and next will be off.


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