Mental Health and the Church {With Video Links}


Recently, I attended the Mental Health and the Church Conference at Saddleback Church (#Hope4MH).  The good news is that they just posted ALL the videos from the plenary and breakout sessions. You can watch them on YouTube here. If you struggle with mental health or know someone who does, please watch and share! It was [...]

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When it’s Easier to Declare Defeat

declare defeat

[Guest Post by Mara Rose - I am so encouraged by her story because someday if my husband and I decide to have kids I will have to go off my medications, and that will not be easy. I love what she says that God still performs medical miracles. Believe it! Be encouraged today my [...]

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Lessons Learned from Fasting

lessons learned from fasting

[Guest Post by Elise Boggs - We met many years at North Coast Church. She worked on staff with the College ministry, and I was serving as a volunteer in the 20-something ministry. It's pretty amazing to see how far she has come. If you find yourself like Elise, unfamiliar with fasting -- I think [...]

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Why Not Celebrate?


[Guest Post by Heather Von St. James - When Cameron, Heather's husband, reached out to me asking if he could help share his wife's story -- I was inspired. I wish all husbands were excited to celebrate life with their wives. Today, if you are struggling with life -- why not celebrate? Don't wait for [...]

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How to Treat Your Body as a Temple

how to treat your body as a temple

[Guest Post by Amy - I love this thought from Amy today, and if you haven't read her first article entitled The Pit of Depression, you won't want to miss that one either! I always appreciate it when guest posters ask to post again (hint hint).] I grew up in what I like to refer [...]

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Keep Moving Forward

keep moving forward

Guest Post by Jayne Richards – How many of us have made a New Year’s Resolution or goal to lose weight this year? And how many of us have already given up? I am encouraged by this amazing woman who calls herself an old broad who runs, and I hope you are too!] My twenty-four [...]

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