3 Days in Paris (with a toddler) — A Diva Travel Diary

3 Days in Paris (with a toddler!)

Happy Galentines & Valentines! I thought, in honor of such a romantic season, I’d finally share my travel diary from Paris, the city of love! I ended up with such a backlog of guest stories over the Christmas season that getting those up were priority over this. I almost didn’t bother with even sharing this since we went just before Christmas, but I know a lot of you guys enjoy my travel stuff and I really enjoy sharing it, too. And, is Paris ever a bad idea?

We had a wonderful holiday in Paris. We did about a week in Paris overall, with 3 days in Paris (including a trip to the Palace of Versailles) and then the rest at Disneyland Paris (and traveling) because we have a major Mickey Mouse fan on our hands. This post is just about the first half in the city, which really was romantic.

The Seine, near Notre Dame. Great time for a photo!
O and the Eiffel Tower — he’s showing off a leaf he found.
This is Les Invalides, which we ended up spending quite a lot of time standing outside of thanks where we had to switch our hop/on hop/off bus.
O did pretty good on the hop on/hop off bus! We were on it all day, Day 1, and it enabled us to quickly see what we wanted and take in a lot of sights!
Ah, Notre Dame! The lighting was PERFECT when we were there and the clouds looked 3D.

3 days in paris toddler notre dame

arc de triomphe
This is pretty obviously the Arc de Triomphe! We were on our way to shop the Champs-Élysées because we had no clothes! Our luggage was lost en route to Paris.
paris 3 days toddler
O at the gates of the Palace of Versailles! Just a little world traveler!
versailles gardens
Versailles’ gardens were everything.
This is the grounds of Versailles. We got O a coloring and sticker book at the gift shop. We could have walked around for hours. Days, really.
paris 3 days toddler versailles
In 10th grade French class, I wrote that Versailles was one place I wanted to visit most. In the world. Dreams come true!


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