Changes on Devotional Diva

changes on devotional divaThis is certainly a season of change for Devotional Diva.

First, there was the redesign (that I hope you’re enjoying!).

Secondly, I want to address what will happen when my little bundle of joy arrives! And third…well, we’ll get to that!

As you probably know by now, my son is scheduled to arrive in mid-May. But that’s the thing…he is scheduled for mid-May, and only God knows when he will actually get here!

So, I will continue to schedule posts for Devotional Diva until he is born.When he is born, I will publish a pre-written post announcing his arrival. In that post, I will also let you know how many posts I was able to schedule, and when Devotional Diva will go on summer/new baby break. I plan to take a couple months off of posting for “maternity leave.”

During that time, I will still try to reply to emails, but they may be pretty delayed!


I have been considering adding sponsorship/advertising options to Devotional Diva for a very long time. The best way(s) to do it is something I have prayed about and gone back and forth on.

  • I wanted to be able to help authors get the word out about their books.
  • I wanted to help bloggers gain exposure.
  • I wanted to help Christian business owners promote themselves.

I get a lot of emails from authors who want me to review their books, but I just can’t fulfill all of those requests. I think I have come up with a solution that will help them (along with bloggers and business owners) and Devotional Diva.

I’ve decided to go about sponsorship (for now, at least) in these ways:

1. “Feature” Posts

Instead of a review, I will do a “feature” on a blog/brand/business/book (how did these all end up ‘B’ words?!). These posts will include a question and answer/interview portion, along with information, pictures, links and possibly giveaways pertaining to that blog/brand/business/book. I think these will be interesting for Devotional Diva readers because of the interview and also fit well with our “women sharing their stories” theme. I really hope that you will enjoy these posts. It’s important to me that these types of posts are interesting and of value to DD readers!

2. Sidebar Banner Ads

There are two sizes, and you can add a banner ad to your Feature Post purchase if you’d like. I will manually approve all images for theses ads. It’s important to me that they fit the “aesthetic” of Devotional Diva and aren’t the wrong size or squished/stretched looking. I’m also offering custom ad design.

I feel that these avenues of sponsorship will allow me and Devotional Diva to keep our integrity while helping others with promotion!

Here is our new sponsorship page.





photo credit: Flowers in Bordei Park, Bucharest, Romaniaa via photopin (license)