Churches Around the World: Berlinerdom (Berlin Cathedral)

Welcome to another installment of Devotional Diva’s Churches Around the World Series! Today we are finally visiting the fantastic Berlinerdom in Berlin, Germany! This is the grandest church I’ve yet to visit in Europe. We almost didn’t make the visit on our one day trip to Berlin since it was kind of jam-packed (see all about our adventures in Berlin here.)

We had already seen a small church at the Berlin Wall memorial, but my awesome husband knew I really wanted to go see the Berlinerdom (named as such for its dome shapes on top). So, he made it work for us and we were able to slip in for a little while before they closed.

Here is the link to the official website! We paid 7 euro each, so it was kind of expensive. But really worth it, I think. There’s a lot to see. It’s a really big and beautiful place.


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Below the church is the Hohenzollern Crypt. It contains the burial monuments of european royalty.
In the crypt


View from top. One of the main draws of the great Berlinerdom is the view, but you do have to climb about one zillion stairs to get there!