Diva Christmas 2018!

Diva Christmas Series 2018

It’s the 5th annual Diva Christmas series!

I really can’t believe that I’ve been able to do this for five years! If you’ve seen any of my commentary on past year’s series, you know I just love Christmas. And I love doing our Christmas series.

For me, there’s nothing like connecting with God through these devotionals over Christmas. Christmastime is a time I always feel the need to worship Him even more.

I know Halloween season is just starting and you might not be in a Christmas-y mood yet, but I gotta plan ahead! So here’s the scoop on theme, length and other guidelines of submission for this year’s series.

Theme: “The Best Christmas Ever” Pretty self-explanatory, but what I’m looking for here are stories reminiscing on the best (or one of the best) Christmases you ever had. I love reading these types of stories. When amazing things are happening, I feel very close to God because I marvel at His work. Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle. Maybe it’s a magical Christmas from your childhood. Maybe it’s sharing the Christmas story with your own kids. What’s the best Christmas you ever had? What memories do you like to look back on? How were you blessed?

Length: Normal requirements. 500-700 words.

Bio: If you’d like to share a photo and bio (you can now submit anonymously if you’d prefer!) the bio should be 3-4 sentences and all your social links can be included in there.

Examples of Past Christmas Posts: The True Star (2017), Our Finest Christmas Tree (2017), Joyous Response (2016), Peace and Joy (2014)

Deadline:  October 25th (finished product)

How to Submit: Email me at editor(at)devotionaldiva.com with your idea!

I hope you’ll consider submitting to the series this year! Please let me know if you have any questions. By the way, I did have to close all regular submissions for the rest of 2019. It’s just the Christmas series for now!