July Editor’s Note

I enjoyed connecting with you in my June Editor’s Note, so I’m going to try to make this a regular monthly thing.

How are you? I keep comments closed on Devotional Diva now to reduce rude comments and in-fighting, but I love hearing from you guys. I’m always monitoring the Devotional Diva Facebook page and Instagram, and enjoy reading emails from you! Please feel welcome to connect with me on social media.

I never really announced comments closing, but I got real tired of comments like “too bad God isn’t real” and confusing arguments between commenters. I don’t like to feed into that. I feel like it’s less of a temptation for those people if they can’t directly comment on the post. I hope that you understand, and you don’t feel like the closed comment section means I don’t want to hear from you, or don’t appreciate your opinions. I do. Please feel free to reach out.

As for me, I’m just about done with my time back in the states. It went really quick this time. But I’m ready to go home and soon reunite with my husband, whenever he is done with this deployment!

We had a nice summer here and it’s wonderful to spend time with family and friends. I’m blessed to have a hometown to come back to when I need.