How Can You Make Your Life Less Stressful?

I thought we would just try some new things out for Saturdays. I always appreciate your input, so please let me know if you’re enjoying Saturdays (or maybe not enjoying them so much!)

This week, I wanted to give you something to think about. Due to my family’s move, this week has been so stressful.

So I resolved to do something to change that, and I invite you to do the same!

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How can you make your life less stressful?

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  • Amanda Goff

    Living causes stress. I suppose if we didn’t have any stress in our lives, we wouldn’t be alive. Focusing on the Lord is the best way to relieve stress. Reading His word and praying can help relieve or redirect the mental stress that is so prevalent in our lives. However, even reading the Bible can cause us stress when we feel that we don’t have time for it. When I worked full time, I often thought that I should be reading the Bible and praying, but simply could not make the time to do it. Then I would feel guilty because I didn’t do it, and that would add more stress to my life. It can be a rather viscious cycle.

    I have begun writing a devotional blog designed for busy people. It is scripture focused, not personal experience focused. When I was working full time, I had trouble finding shorter, scripture based devotionals that allowed me to spend a few moments in God’s word. The scripture focused devotionals that I found were longer, scripture studies that I simply did not have time to complete.

    I am hoping that God will use this blog to help people get into His word, even when they are busy. The website is and I invite everyone to visit the blog regularly, or have it sent to your e-mail inbox. God bless your pursuit of His word!

  • Michelle

    Take a deep breath… and keep breathing! If there is nothing on fire, no one being hurt (intentionally) and you are doing your best at this very moment, then you are OK! Take one thing at a time. Trust in God. He will help you see to it the truly important things will get done today. (Be amazed at how many un”important” things fade away.)

  • Samantha Ford-Godette

    Tea….I love a good cup of tea. Worship songs, prayer and prioritize. Rome wasn’t built in a day so why do you feel you to exhaust yourself in too many tasks. Do what you can and make sure you leave time for yourself

  • Angel

    Realize that people don’t think about you as much as you think they do. Don’t waste time thinking about what people may or may not be thinking.

    if you do this so Your Life Less Stressful