The Cleansing of Easter

Editor’s note: This is the first story in our Easter devotional series. Enjoy!

One Easter holiday, the message of Jesus’ cleansing power was clearly put on my heart. My youngest daughter was two years old at the time, and my girls and I were excitedly coloring Easter eggs for our family Easter egg hunt the following day.

Suddenly, I noticed an egg dye tablet was missing from the package.

Where was it? Sophia?     

Everyone has one child that is more likely than the others to find and make mischief; Sophia is mine. I opened her mouth, squeezed her adorable chubby cheeks and found yep, a yellow mouth! Sophia had eaten the yellow dye tablet!                 

After cleansing her mouth with water, I hurriedly and embarrassingly, called poison control to admit my little angel, my bundle of joy, had chewed a dye tablet. I felt as if I would be handed the worst parent of the year award right then and there. Instead, the kind operator confirmed my little chubby-cheeked sweetie would be ok. What a relief!     

Baffled and confused as to why my child would put a potentially harmful chemical into her mouth, it sparked concern in my heart. Have I allowed harmful “chemicals” such as bad attitudes or thoughts into my life that would harm me spiritually?   

Corinthians 3:16 says,

“Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

I admit I have allowed things into my life that hurt my walk with Christ. I’m sure there are days the Holy Spirit must have wanted to flee this girl’s temple. But just as the operator assured me that day, I assure you now: God loves you and He can absolve you of any harmful ways you have in your heart and life. In the same way the water cleansed Sophia’s palate, God, the Living Water, can cleanse you from sin.     

Moms, let’s live a life without the need for poison control and be the temples God desires us to be. Let’s rid our lives of harmful chemicals and let go of any “substances” hindering our relationship with Christ. Take comfort in knowing His Holy Spirit lives in you!

Daily Prayer: Dear Father, thank you for another day to live for you. I ask you to guide my thoughts and actions today. Help me replace any harmful habits in my life with positive and uplifting words for myself and others.

About the author: Hi! I am Dawn Bata. I love to encourage and inspire moms! I am a homeschool mom of three, dog mom, Jesus follower and an avid coffee drinker. A few years ago, God put a love in my heart for moms that are going through the everyday, just like myself. He has placed me on a mission to share His love along my motherhood journey and I am so excited to do so! Although this piece has been published in my e book, “In the Midst of a Masterpiece”, I felt it would go perfectly with your first Easter devotional series.Thank you for reading my piece and I hope you enjoy it. Also, thank you for sharing the mission God has placed you on with others, too! God Bless. Check out Dawn’s book here.