Foster Kids and Garbage Bags

Foster Kids and Garbage Bags

A good friend of mine, Emily, is currently in the process of fostering and adopting two children. Through this process, she learned more about the foster care system and how scary it really is for the kids.

Emily and her family felt led to start a project to fight a huge problem they saw:

When foster kids are taken from foster house to foster house, most of the time, they just have to put their few belongings in garbage bags.

So the project aims to put together duffel bags with items foster kids might need, like hygiene products, towels, clothes, books, stuffed animals, etc.

Here is the link to the Davis Family Project.

When I saw Emily posting about the project on her personal Facebook, I reached out to ask if I could also post about it on Devotional Diva because I had no idea this was happening to foster kids. I think if I have this little platform on DD to raise some awareness, I should use it.