Some Spring To-Do’s

spring to do

This spring, I am in the US spending time with my family. (It’s just me and little O for this trip). We are here to be in another wedding and for my brother’s graduation at the end of May.

Living in Italy is a great opportunity and at times a lot of fun, but there’s just nothing like being at home in the states. There’s things I can do here that I just can’t overseas. Like, obviously, throw a birthday party for O with all of our family. This brings me to my first spring to-do I wanted to share:

1.Plan the best Thomas the Tank Engine party I can!

Like I said before, there’s no way I would be able to have a bunch of our family come to a birthday party in Italy, so I’m taking advantage of the fact that we will be here for O’s birthday. I want his party to be special. This little guy loves Thomas so much. Plus, I really love planning parties. If throwing parties was a love language, it would be mine.

2. Finish The Untethered Soul

I borrowed this book via the Amazon Prime Lending Library (love that) when I saw it pop up about a week ago. I had heard so much good buzz about it! It is a book that, for me, isn’t an easy breezy read. When I’m reading it I am trying to take it in and so I am like, thinking about it at the same time because I feel it makes a lot of sense. At the same time, I do feel it gets repetitive with the points it’s trying to make.

So far, it has been about not setting yourself free from the constant chatter in your head, which I desperately need!


I didn’t realize how much I was missing…