Pen of a Skillful Writer

zimkita nogela on devotional diva

[Guest post by Zimkita Nogela: I love poetry (especially poetry that praises the Lord), and it’s exciting for me to share more with you! Please be inspired and encouraged by Zimkita’s words.]

What Type of Love is This

Cracked clay deemed pathetic and useless

Ridiculously covered with cheap gold

Stripped of all dignity and self-worth

That was me before you came into my life

Wrapped under the spell of people prophesying to love me-

Injecting words of sweet poisonous honey

Each time they spoke

Consequently engraving me into a life of sin

Crumbling and yet surprisingly hesitant

I came to you

Opened my heart and let you in…

You penetrated me and delicately drenched me with your love

Removing putrid, hardened and venomous stains in the process

Through your spiritual umbilical cord-prayer

Now here I am

Finally naked before you

You gently cover me with a priceless white robe (Holy Spirit)

And sustain me in your arms

Constantly molding and patiently

Caressing me every time I relapse

And I can’t but wonder…what kind of love this is?

Pen of a Skillful Writer

Lifeless bloodshot eyes,

Pale sored skin,

Cracked dry lips,

Diminished waist,

Shivering but like the prodigal son I crawled back to you

You embraced me as your razor sharp

Smile pierced through me disintegrating

The walls of my heart

And a voice once shackled by the chains of fear emerged

Travailing in worship as you crowned me

With the helmet of salvation

Every stench of shame removed through your majestic blood

I boldly put on the breastplate of righteousness,

Carry the shield of faith and without

Sugar coating my daily bread eats the sword of the Spirit

My waist begins to take form and

The belt of truth stays secure in place

‘’RISE UP DAUGHTER’’ you say

And like David you begin to anoint my tongue as the pen of a skillful writer to testify of your goodness.


zimkita nogela on devotional divaBesides being insanely in love with Yahweh, Zimkita Nogela is a South African 21 year old pesceterian accounting student with a passion for writing and reading all types of literature, and is especially fond of poetry. She is a missionary at heart and founder of Daughters of Zion, an NPO that’s aimed at uplifting and propelling women previously bound by the chains of prostitution and human trafficking and abuse to unleash the Esther within by restoring them through Christ to their God-given Identity.

photo credit: Olivander via photopin cc