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My Meaning of Living

My Meaning of Living

This is a poem by Timisha Campos. This is the first poem I’m publishing of 2018 and I think it’s just the right one! It’s a very special poem indeed, and I love poetry. It just makes me feel.



[Editor’s note: This is a guest post by the amazingly talented Joan Lise of Poems and Pearls. What she has here is basically the Diva Anthem! I’m positively thrilled to present, Diva.]   I write Poems for God, I write Poems to encourage people, I write Poems for 

Arrest Me, Holy Spirit

Arrest Me, Holy Spirit


arrest me holy spirit

Arrest Me, Holy Spirit

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Rochelle Marie. I’m so glad Rochelle could share some poetry with us today because I just love having that variety on here! Thanks, Rochelle!]

I’ve been arrested.
Gods glory is here.

Cleanse my impurities and set me free
His presence is where I desire to escape and bask in His will for me.

So, arrest me Holy Spirit!

Although I’ve fallen short.
In and Out of His will.
From black to white
I can draw from the well of life; Christ Jesus

The well of life which comes with eternal benefits
If we don’t miss…


We can’t miss the opportunity to really know Him.
Receive Him and be filled.

Will you get to know Him?
Will you receive Him?

Arms wide open
No longer stopping at His fingertips: I want it ALL!

I want my image, my heart, and my mind to align in His image.

Yes! Arrest me, Holy Spirit!

You have my undivided attention.
Here I am!
Thirsting after righteousness to be filled again!

Make me new!

I can testify…
When we sit at His feet, under subjection
Seeking after His Heart
We are open to take on His reward of a new wardrobe; new identity.

Will you run into His arms:
at full speed
To be touched
To be loved
To be healed
To be delivered
To be transformed?

If I can be rebuke what the world has to offer, for a moment.
Wait, for the rest of my life.
Find me, going against the very thing Satan said I could never have: true intimacy with my Father

So, arrest me, Holy Spirit!

rochelle-marieRochelle Marie is a radiant and beautiful soul who enjoys writing from life experiences that has uniquely blossomed and shaped her into a profound woman. She is a poet who also enjoys writing devotionals that shed light on where God has rescued her from, along with her daily walk with Jesus Christ. Her desire is to inspire and empower women to stride in confidence of who God has called them to be.

He is Risen, and So Are We!

[Guest post by Debbie Harris: I’m so happy to have more poetry on Devotional Diva today for you! Thanks, Debbie!] He is risen. And so are we. And so we rise and rise and  rise and rise! Ahhh such a wondrous, victorious, exquisite, doctrinal gem 

Pen of a Skillful Writer

[Guest post by Zimkita Nogela: I love poetry (especially poetry that praises the Lord), and it’s exciting for me to share more with you! Please be inspired and encouraged by Zimkita’s words.] What Type of Love is This Cracked clay deemed pathetic and useless Ridiculously 

Never Forget How Beautiful You Are

never forget how beautiful you are on devotional diva [Guest post by Alejandra Sanchez: Woo hoo! Our first poetry submission! I hope you enjoy, and can be inspired. Thanks, Alejandra!]

Never forget how beautiful you are. God calls you special. This is just for you, with much love. Every woman should feel love.

1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

She walks humbly with her God clothed in His splendors’ light. She is a figurative godly woman hidden in Jesus Christ. She walks with glorious shoes with her head held high. She speaks with authority and a kingdoms’ mind.

She walks with her glorious shoes. She is noble, wise and merciful. The word is thy lamp to her feet. She prays to the Lord for understanding to counsel others with love. She clothes the needy and widows, she has compassion for the lost.

She walks with glorious shoes. She serves and she is known in her church by her spiritual character. For everything she does she gives all the glory to her mighty powerful God. All her heart belongs to Him. Her sparkle is special, rare to find. She is special to Gods eyes. She knows who she is in Him. She is clothed in modesty. She thinks more of others than herself.

Glorious shoes she wears. She steps out with boldness for she knows God is within her.


alejandra sanchez on devotional divaAlejandra Sanchez is a writer and poet. A lover of animals, nature and fitness, she lives in the country side of Mercedes Texas RioGrande Valley. She believes all woman are loved more than they ever know and are destined for greatness.

photo credit: aluedt via photopin cc