My Meaning of Living

[Editor’s Note: This is a poem by Timisha Campos. This is the first poem I’m publishing of 2018 and I think it’s just the right one! It’s a very special poem indeed, and I love poetry. It just makes me feel.]

The Meaning of Living


You arrive, and in the moment of your entrance the elements of the world you now invade attaches its force on you

You grow, and the soils of the earth deep in you begins to sing the stepping stone song

As you take your first steps, your first lessons you are not shielded from the forms all around you

For even in infancy life shall reign

You thrust forward, no more shall you crawl for your mind speaks to your limbs, you no longer can stay down…. stand tall

As you usher through into the span of time reserved for you, you are aging

Out of the old form of what you came as, into the new of what you will become

You will find mercy for a time in the ignorance of your exploration

Surely sounds and wonders were here before you existed, yet they held you, waited upon another like you

It did not change or shift, but you shall change, you shall shift

No longer is there the warmth of a mothers’ communicating arms that speaks nurture, or the protective shields of a father’s adoration

Life sees you, it enters you and it pours unto you ever flowing

Eyes widen, senses explode, now you run

You run to grab, to taste, to touch

You learn to feel, to love and trust

Your discovery isn’t in the footprints once held,

imprinted by meager foundations

For now, you take portions of the soul firmly planted

and the souls of life around take portions of you

Stings and shots of pain fill the senses for a spell

As your life releases the coping mechanism of what it means to recover

Life reserved happiness and joy on the day you entered, yet no promise that you would be cradled there for too long

Though the strife and song of life has brought you through, it surrenders only to its true self

To hold you suspended, for a time that you should accomplish the goal of what it has given

To thrive here, to embark here, to stage the great expectation of who and what you mean to life

What kindness life had, the day you encountered its mercy, for in the joy of your arrival and the happiness of your stay

It is most certainly guaranteed that your departure will leave sadness and a void

For with joy you came and with heartbreak, now you are gone


Timisha (Misha) Campos is a 45 year old mother of two grown children and a grandmother. She was born and raised in the Bronx, in New York City. She is a full time Administrative Assistant and has always loved being a Secretary. Timisha accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior in her early twenties and knew from just being a baby in Christ what her calling was; to encourage, edify and lift up through writing. Today she is ready to step forward by faith and encourage others through devotionals and poetry with the promise  that God is able and willing to change the heart, mind and soul. For though even today Timisha is still walking out some storms in her life, she continues to dance in the rain.