How You Can Share Your Story


Every year about this time, I put out a reminder that you can share your story on Devotional Diva at any time because we accept guest posts all year. I’d also like to share a bit the process to publication!

How you can share your story on Devotional Diva:

  1. First, check out our “Become a Diva” page here for the official information.
  2. Email me, Maggie (editor in chief), with any questions, your story idea, or to submit your story if you’re ready. My email is editor (at)
  3. After we agree on a story idea or submission, you’ll send me your submission when you’re ready! I’ll also need a headshot and a 3-4 sentence bio.
  4. When I have everything I need and approved, I’ll send you a date for publication.
  5. See your story LIVE on Devotional Diva on publication day!


Sharing your story is a powerful tool to spur women forward (Heb 10:24) — but also a powerful tool in the healing process for yourself. If you feel a tugging on your heart to get your story out there, email me!