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    A Very Diva Christmas 2017 — It’s Time to Submit!

    It's that time again... DIVA CHRISTMAS!  I can't believe this will be my 4th Christmas here. Each year, I do a special guest poster series and this year will be no different. Today, I'm announcing our special theme and opening up submissions. :)  Anyone is welcome to submit -- even if you have submitted recently. I try to fit as many guest bloggers as I can into this series and include everyone who wants in. I just love Christmas and this is my special way of celebrating the birth of our Savior on Devotional Diva.

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    Inspiration for the Creative: Push Yourself

    As a creative individual, I often find myself frustrated with my work. I feel as if it is not making the impact I wish it would. I think perhaps a large part of this common frustration found in the creative life is the cocoon of comfort we envelop around our everyday.

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    Writing Tips from Author Frances Gregory Pasch

    Writing Tips from Author Frances Gregory Pasch [Editor’s Note: This is an interview I conducted with author Frances Gregory Pasch. She’s 82 years wise and has blessed us with some awesome writing tips! Some background on Frances… Frances Gregory Pasch has been married to her husband, Jim, since 1958. They have five sons and nine grandchildren. They live in New Jersey. You can contact Frances on her website: www.francesgregorypasch.com.] Do you consider yourself a lifelong writer? No. I did write couponing and refunding columns for a year in the early 1980’s for a local newspaper, but I had not written anything before that. In 1983, at the age of 50 I had a…

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    Holy Shakespeare!

    Holy Shakespeare! [Editor’s Note: This post includes selections from Holy Shakespeare! 101 lines or passages from William Shakespeare’s works paired with Scripture passages that appear in the bard’s classics by Maisie Sparks. I received a copy from the publisher so that I could review and pick out a few of my favorites. It was a treat for a Shakespeare fan like me! I’ve included the author’s introduction, as well. Enjoy, Divas!] Four hundred years after his death, William Shakespeare is still considered the greatest playwright of all time. Could that be because he knew intimately the Greatest Book of all the ages? His plays, poems, and sonnets are filled with scriptural allusions…

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    It’s OK to Dream Scared

    It’s OK to Dream Scared [Editor’s Note: Please welcome back Devotional Diva founder Renee Fisher for this guest post! Thanks, Renee! ] We are supposed to be afraid when we walk on water—when we are learning how to be bold and courageous. That’s why we walk by faith and not by feelings alone. If you currently find yourself in transition, here are a few quotes from interviews I gathered from a survey that encouraged me. I hope they encourage you as well. Laura answered, “Reading through the Psalms always brings me comfort during transition; they’re a good reminder that it’s okay to feel confused and frustrated about what is happening in life.” Francine answered, “It’s scary to…

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    9 Ways to Share Your Story

    9 Ways to Share Your Story Are you a woman who wants to share her story? Sharing your story on Devotional Diva, or “Becoming a Diva” as I like to call it, is a powerful way to encourage women all over the world and could even help you in ways you might not expect! For me, sharing my 1st story on Devotional Diva was a healing experience, and I’ve heard the same from many other Divas! Here are 9 ways you can share your story:   Write a devotional Write a poem Film a video Record your story like a podcast Write song lyrics Record a song Create paintings Create…

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    Christian Books for Girls

    I know there are a lot of mamas who read Devotional Diva, and it seems like it can be quite a challenge sometimes to find appropriate books for Christian kids. I’d love to introduce you to a new series of Christian books for girls from Suzanne Stamboulieh. Suzanne Stamboulieh is the author of the new Christian book series, Scarlett Gray. Each book in the series will be centered on a single Biblical scripture. “Scarlett Gray Joins the Parade” is the first of the series and reminds children that God has given them parents to guide them through life. Suzanne has a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. She previously worked as a…

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    #FaithbookofGod Releases Today

    [This is just a short break from our Christmas guest post series so that Renee could share some news. “The gifts God has given you” will resume tomorrow!] As the Founding Editor of DevotionalDiva.com, I’m excited to announce #FaithbookofGod, my sixth book releases today. Owning your faith while surrounded by a faithless culture is difficult. But. As evidenced in my soon-to-be released book Faithbook of God, it is possible. I wrote the book, which has 366 daily devotional readings, in order to equip Christians to grow in a world that doesn’t want them to. By addressing the Christian’s needs, challenges, and fears, Faithbook of God prepares readers to live the…