9 Ways to Share Your Story

share your story on devotional diva

9 Ways to Share Your Story

Are you a woman who wants to share her story?

Sharing your story on Devotional Diva, or “Becoming a Diva” as I like to call it, is a powerful way to encourage women all over the world and could even help you in ways you might not expect!

For me, sharing my 1st story on Devotional Diva was a healing experience, and I’ve heard the same from many other Divas!

Here are 9 ways you can share your story:


Write a devotional

Write a poem

Film a video

Record your story like a podcast

Write song lyrics

Record a song

Create paintings

Create illustrations

Make a photo story

Have another idea? Great! I’m totally open other ways we can spur women forward!

Have you read the Become a Diva page? Follow This Link for more information on how to “Become a Diva” and submit your story!