A Very Diva Christmas 2017 — It’s Time to Submit!

Hey Divas,

It’s that time again… DIVA CHRISTMAS!

I can’t believe this will be my 4th Christmas here. Each year, I do a special guest poster series and this year will be no different. Today, I’m announcing our special theme and opening up submissions. 🙂

Anyone is welcome to submit — even if you have submitted recently. I try to fit as many guest bloggers as I can into this series and include everyone who wants in. I just love Christmas and this is my special way of celebrating the birth of our Savior on Devotional Diva.

Our standard devotional guidelines will NOT apply! That’s the theme!

I realize how busy people are during the holidays…and that makes it harder to keep up with our devotionals. So this year, I’d like to try out a special concept — Short & Sweet devotionals.

All submissions should be under 400 words and somehow be related to Christmas  — but you can get creative here: maybe it’s the scripture you choose to work with, or maybe you’ll share a story about your family’s Christmas traditions. You decide! We can talk it over, too. Whatever you choose, it’s just gotta be Short & Sweet.

Here are some of our past Christmas devotionals that have worked well (but would have been too long for this series!):

A Mary Little Christmas by Carla Gasser

Has Anyone Seen Jesus? by Terasha Burrell

Her Everything by Jo Ann Erwin

Of course, I’ll still need your 3-4 sentence bio and a current picture.

The deadline to submit is November 14th!

If you would like to write a devotional for A Very Diva Christmas or have any questions about the series, please don’t hesitate to email me, Maggie, at editor (at) devotionaldiva.com