Now Accepting Submissions :)

Hey Divas!

I had my baby, I moved across the world back home to the USA and I’m ready to start accepting submissions for Devotional Diva again.

Got an idea for a story or devotional? Here’s our “Become a Diva” submission page with more information.

It has been a whirlwind few months, and I thank you for being patient with me during my recovery and all these changes. (To be honest, everything was a lot harder than I expected!)

My husband has been with our family for a full six months, and that hasn’t happened in over three years. Thank you for understanding my need to also soak up this time together.

I have new ideas for this year, and you’ll probably notice some changes soon! Now that I’m a mom of two, I’m trying to be intentional about being efficient. I want to have good time management for ALL my priorities. 😊 A couple of things right off the bat: formatting for the posts will be a little different (simpler) and I will not be accepting submissions year round (more efficient). I’ll always post and update the become a diva page when they are open 😊

I am also striving to make the devotionals easily visible and accessible for everyone. I think we have amazing writers and content and I don’t want you to miss it! I’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to share on social media. I might need to try a few things out, but I’m going to start by adding the devotionals to Instagram (and Facebook) stories. I hope you’ll check those out! Follow the devotional_diva IG here and Facebook here. I’m most active on those platforms, and appreciate your follow!!

Stay tuned for new posts, and until then, if you’ve got a story or devotional to share, email me at to connect with me 🙂