When God Says, “Slow Down”


Well, this is not the post I intended to write today!

It’s been a rough couple weeks emotionally and now our whole family is down with a cold. We are also set to head back to the states for a visit!

As for what we’ve been going through emotionally, it has to do with the health of our dear old kitty Zero. It’s just such a long story, but his vet told us we would have to put him down or he could pass at any time. We sought a second opinion and he he is actually doing a lot better! Zero is at the ripe old age of 18 and has an auto immune disease. We made the decision to keep him and our other cat, Brigit, in the states under the care of family mainly because his health problems.

It has been so hard to be separated from them and we miss them so much.

I believe when you’ve just got so much going on in your life, and you have the freedom to slow things down, you should take the opportunity. It’s healthy.

Devotional Diva is going to go on a two-week break while I am visiting friends and family in the states! I’m very much looking forward to coming back refreshed!