I'll Do What's Best for Me

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I came across this quote online earlier…and it just had to be this Saturday’s post. It’s important to remember what you need, despite what you think others may want or need. Personally, I’m struggling with this. I want to go full-steam ahead with all of the plans I have, but physically I need to slow down. That’s what is best for me.

And now I’ll do what is best for me.

As we head into this busy holiday season, try not to forget what’s best for you!



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  • Daniel

    No, apps aren’t the future. Intelligent cnnetot management systems (for admins) and insight/recommendation engines (for congregants) would be the future. Even in this case, the app is just a delivery method for both of those sides of the cnnetot and community experience.I know it’s hard to see beyond the app discussion, but it’s what experiences apps and services drive which remain the future of church led and facilitated interactions in digital spaces. Doing an app and focusing there is merely sitting at the present day understanding of this (and yes, I know and understand the speed of change and adoption of tech in faith communities).