Vienna, Austria — Churches Around the World

Traipsing around Europe has given my husband and I plenty of opportunity to see churches — and so far, this is my husband’s favorite one!

St. Stephen’s Cathedral — Vienna, Austria

We didn’t get the chance to go in, but honestly, the best pictures of most Cathedrals are taken outside. The architecture is just astounding.

My husband also took a midnight stroll while I was at the hotel with O and checked it out at night, which was apparently very cool. He reported that the Cathedral looked like “a ghost church.”

I really liked the gothic feel of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, too. It was very different from any church we’d seen anywhere else to date. There were a few other Vienna churches we walked by, but this was by far the best (and the one I was most interested in seeing). If you’re in ever in Vienna, try to make a trip over there! Here’s a link to more info on St. Stephen’s.

Vienna, Austria