Churches Around the World: Zagreb, Croatia

assumption3In March, we had the opportunity to visit Croatia. It was truly a blessing. You can check out my posts “A Beautiful World” and “Croatian #littledivathings” if you would like to see some pictures from the trip!

Obviously, Europe is chock-full of beautiful churches and history, and I feel like it would a disservice if I didn’t share some of them while I’m out here! This is the first installment in my NEW “Churches Around the World” series (I mean, really, just Europe for now, but maybe SOMEDAY I’ll go farther than Europe!)

One of the two churches we visited in Croatia was the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Zagreb. The other was Our Lady of Trsat Church in Rijeka, Croatia. I felt much more of an impact in the Trsat church as it was so intimate and I just found it more beautiful, but I sadly couldn’t photograph in there! I’ll always remember that church.

These, however, are photos from the Cathedral! It is a lot larger and grander than the Trsat Church, and is in fact the tallest building in Croatia!


A fountain outside the church



Since we were there at Easter time, there was a beautiful egg display outside the church!