Facebook official

[Why my relationship is more important than a Facebook status or being Facebook official.]

“So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless” (James 2:17, NLT).

I think it’s the coolest thing that I started dating Marc the week I started editing my book on dating and relationships [to be released January, 2012 with Harvest House].

My editor, Kathleen, sent me back a TWENTY-THREE page Word document pertaining to my book, how she perceived it, and many (MANY) takeaway points of how I can make it the best book ever!

At first, I was humbled.

Then I was excited.

And then I was overwhelmed.

Back to Marc…

I can’t believe that in all my prayers for a relationship. Wanting. Pleading. Begging to be in a godly relationship could and would actually come true. Not just come true, but happen at the RIPE time.

The words below were written to me from a friend back in 2003 after my last serious relationship ended (that’s EIGHT years ago). She said something that still rings true today:

Your actions speak your heart. Your heart is not fully with me the lover of your soul. I miss you and desperately want you to myself, and you are looking elsewhere. This will not lead you to the full joy I want you to have. (Insert your name here) keep your faith in me, that I will bring you the desires of your heart. Stand strong and do not look to men. I will bring you the one, and how sweet will it be if you remain pure and focused on me until then.

Do not be hindered by your flesh, for your flesh wants pleasure now. But now is not the time, not yet.

Do not be angry because when that day comes, you will be pleased beyond comprehension.

Wait for him and do not search for him for when the time is ripe you will know–I will tell you.

When you give this to me I will give you peace, but when attacks of the flesh come–flee for the peace I have, which comes when you trust in me and wait for the proper timing–the time, when it comes, will be so amazing so please wait for this wonderful gift! I love you!

Eight years later the phrase “when the time is ripe” still haunts me in my sleep, in my waking up, in going about my business.

This past year when God had me choose the value of “fruitful” for 2011 I had only hoped. No-dreamed it would come true! Following up last year’s value of “Intimacy” and the year I spent with God and the invaluable lessons I learned. Priceless.

So here I am enjoying the company of a godly man who loves Christ and loves others. It’s truly a wonderful gift and I’m so glad I waited.

Back to Facebook

So many times I’ve seen relationships rise and fall on the Facebook wall (See the movie Catfish for a crazy portrayal of this very subject).

Suddenly someone who was “single” is now “in a relationship” or worse–the “it’s complicated!” I’m not judging, but you can usually figure out where that’s going!

Last year I briefly dated someone for a few weeks and sadly I was interested more in what people had to say and how they perceived my “relationship status” that I made it Facebook official within seconds of him asking me to be his girlfriend.

Before I talked to God.

Before I consulted my best friends.

Before. Before. Before.

After I realized that we had the compatibility of a field mouse (what??) it was over. And the damage done on cleaning up my “image” on Facebook again became more important than the actual relationship itself.

Skip to now…

I am proud to say that I lasted almost a month before saying ANYTHING on Facebook. And if anyone knows me–that’s pretty good. Because I am a processor, writer, encourager, speaker, WHATEVER everything I do is usually NOT done in private.

When God tells me to shout from the mountain tops, publish his glorious deeds, or encourage someone I DO IT!!!

But what you didn’t see was the time spent in the Word, with friends, and most of all–Marc himself!

I’ve enjoyed that precious time getting to know him one on one and I’m still enjoying our time. It only gets better with time!!!

Back to editing…

When I started writing my first book, “Faithbook of Jesus” I had NO idea the trials and spiritual warfare that I would face. Not only was it HARDER, but more challenging than I ever would have imagined. So much so that I quit my job and went into full time ministry in the worst economic recession ever. And you know what? God blessed my obedience.

I can’t thank God enough. I shutter in obedience when he not only asks me to write words but HE MAKES ME LIVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

So much harder.

So here I am writing this book on dating and relationships and everything I’m processing from the TWENTY-THREE page Word document of the changes my editor wants me to make I’m living–like RIGHT now!

If you’re single…

If you’re single or in a relationship consider the source. Where do all blessings come from? And who has the power to take them away?

My mentor, Pam Farrel, gave me a bobbing head turtle when I graduated from her Circle of Influence (a mentor program for first time authors). The question she asks us is “how did the turtle get on the fence post?” SOMEBODY PLACED IT THERE.

The only official thing we should be truly concerned with is the power of God. He has the power to ELEVATE us and HUMBLE us. The choice is ours. Will you be found waiting [OBEDIENT]?