He's Here!


olivers-hereThis is just a short post to let you know that my son, Oliver, was born!

My due date was May 11th, but he arrived May 17th! It was definitely not the labor and delivery experience I had expected. I was induced, but the little guy was in too much stress to go forward with labor. So, I ended up with a C-Section.

The thing is, as soon as I got to the hospital to be induced, they figured out Oliver was in distress. If I didn’t have that induction date, I wouldn’t have known! The doctor wanted to try to get him out as soon as we could, but the medication for the induction just made it worse…with every contraction, Oliver’s heart rate dropped.

I am so grateful to God that I was given that day for my induction and Oliver was born safely!

We are both doing great. I’m still recovering, but my husband has been a huge help. Oliver is perfect!

So, back to the regularly-scheduled summer baby break…

You can definitely still email me. It just might take a little longer than normal for me to get back to you!

I will be back to scheduling regular guest posts on Devotional Diva in a couple months. See you then!



  • Jenee

    Congratulations, Maggie!

    I had a similar experience, supposed to have had natural, then they induced and the contractions caused drop in heart rate, so then emergency c-section. It was horrible and so traumatic. I pray that your experience was not so scary and that you heal quickly! Oliver is a gorgeous baby! So happy for you and your family! Enjoy this time, it goes by so fast. Lots of love!

  • Sarah Coleman

    Congratulations Maggie! Oliver looks very peaceful in the photo. And a little cheeky! Watch out with that one. Savour, cherish and rest when you can.

    The birth of my first child was similar to Oliver. A healthy boy is all that matters. You did good girl!

    Be blessed x

  • Mamakaye

    My nephew (who is now 23 years old) would not be here if she had not be scheduled to be induced. At the time it really irritated me because I believed it was just for doctor’s convenience. No one knew the life threatening problem that existed! (Except God!!!) If my sister had gone into labor at home my nephew would not be here today. God works in mysterious ways! Oliver looks very happy to be here!

  • Jo Ann

    Congratulations ! He is beautiful ! Take lots of pictures and savor every moment. It really does go by quickly. Best Wishes to you and everyone in your family !!!