Little Diva…or Divo?

devotional divaSince this is my first blog post on Devotional Diva this year, happy new year and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

But Divas, we’ve got an issue on our hands.

In November, I announced my pregnancy. If you’ll recall, I said that a baby girl would be a little Diva (obviously) and I pondered aloud what we should call a baby boy. All I came up with was Divo.

It was just a few days before Christmas that my husband and I were blessed to find out that we’re having a baby boy!

So, I mean…is Little Divo an acceptable title? 🙂

Also on New Year’s Eve, we had a 4D ultrasound done. It was so amazing to see my son’s face! God has made him perfect in every way. We just can’t wait to meet him.

I try not to make Saturday posts very long, but I really wanted to share this news with you and praise the Lord for our precious son!


photo credit: Sugar Daze via photopin cc