National Singles Week

Only in America do they give Singles an entire week. That’s right. It’s NATIONAL SINGLES WEEK.

On Wednesday I realized it had been exactly THIRTEEN YEARS that God promised me a husband. Thirteen. Seriously felt like forever.

I can say with full confidence that there is not a day that has gone by where I haven’t prayed for Marc. Even the days I didn’t want to or felt like forgetting, God would still gently remind me…

A few years ago I was tired of online dating. Feeling frustrated. Jaded by db’s (for those of you who need me to spell it out–douche bag). And to be honest, I was lonely.

One of the devotionals in “Not Another Dating Book” I wrote is called “I Just Knew.”

Before I share how I knew about Marc, I have a confession to make.

I’m that girl.

I tell the girls in my book not to plan the wedding after the first couple dates. Why do you think so many Christian guys can’t pull the trigger? And so many girls are so assertive? (Don’t make me start ranting because I WILL).

If you’ve seen the “Bridget Jones Diary” movie you’ll know what I’m talking about. Bridget gets this vision of herself walking down the aisle while she’s being introduced to Mr. Darcy.

In my defense I hadn’t met Marc yet.

Well, after writing the book and after looking back at my journal from the night after we went on our first date I wrote this in my journal:

On our first date, Marc took me out, paid for my meal and a movie (my favorite date btw), opened my doors, and after he got back from our date sent me a DEVOTIONAL that he had written. What’s my registered trademark again?

What can I say? “I Just Knew.” (Don’t judge me).

During “National Singles Week” enjoy a sneak preview of a devotional I wrote for “Not Another Dating Book” releasing Valentine’s 2012.

The LORD looks at the heart. 1 SAMUEL 16:7

I don’t know exactly how,” she says. “I just knew. I was certain he was the one—it wasn’t even a question.” Married people always say some- thing like this, and it makes all my agonizing and wondering about Mr. Right seem petty. How are you supposed to “just know” when you meet the person you’re going to spend your life with? Shouldn’t there be a lot more analyzing and scrutinizing that goes into it? First dates always make me nervous for that very reason…The dating process can be exhausting. It will try and test your patience. Don’t give up! Ask God to give you the gift of discernment as you seek the person who just might be “the one.” And maybe, when God brings that man or woman into your life, you’ll “just know” as well.

Dear Jesus,
Don’t let my own sense of urgency or impatience get in the way as I pursue a new relationship. Help me to keep my thoughts and actions pure today and every day. Amen.

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