The Stages of Post-Vacation Grief


The Stages of Post-Vacation Grief

I was inspired to write this silly little thing after returning home from my vacation to Germany. This seems to be what I go through during Post-Vacation Grief (totally a real thing) and I thought it would be fun to share since I’ve been traveling so much. Without further ado, my stages of Post-Vacation Grief…

Excitement: As I’m in the car headed home, the baby is totally passed out. I’m really tired but really excited to get back to my life. Ah yay, my own home! I have so many ideas for Devotional Diva! I have so many ideas for the house! I’ll reorganize my closet. Work on my craft room. Things will be great.

Disappointment: I get home and my house is a little messier than I thought I left it due to being followed around by a one-year-old while packing! Oh well. The baby tears it up even more when we get home. At least he has so many toys here to occupy himself with. I get some water (because my fridge is basically devoid of anything else) and sit down on my own couch for a little while.

Anxiety: I stare at my suitcase just sitting in the hallway, taunting me. There’s important stuff in there! Man, I really don’t want to unpack that monstrosity. It doesn’t have to be totally unpacked tonight, but…it will have to be at some point. Should I just do it now? Ugh.

Clean all the things: I unpack everything, make lists of how to get my house more organized, tidy up the house, give the baby a bath and put the baby to bed.

Exhaustion: I try to relax, but I’m too beat. I go to bed soon after.

Woe-is-me: The next morning, I don’t even want to do anything on my list of goals! No! I am too tired! I have all this laundry to catch up on. When I was on vacation I didn’t even have to worry about any laundry and now there is just piles! Why did I even make these lists? I’ll be lucky to even get this laundry done.

Resentment: I hate laundry and I just want my German food back.

Acceptance: After all of my laundry is done, I am glad that I now have so many options to dress my kid up in! I’m comfortable. My son is settling back into his routine and he’s happy to be reunited with his toys. We go to the grocery store, and we have everything we need. I’ve got my lists of projects and I’ll get them done… eventually!