10 Things I Hate About You

My favorite movie from high school days is 10 Things I Hate About You.

This morning, I was reading about accountability in the book, “Woman of Confidence” by Pam Farrel. Not only is she my mentor, but she’s also a family friend. She has taught by example and shown through her actions over the past 15+ years of ministry that she can be trusted. She exudes confidence.

I know if I were to ask her to tell me her secret, she would point me back to the section in the book that I just read and tell me to ask these 11 questions to my girlfriends weekly.

“A woman of confidence needs to have an accountability partner–someone she can trust to be honest with her about her strengths and her weaknesses, someone who will encourage her in the hard times and rejoice in the good.”

Questions to Help You Fine-Tune Each Other

1. Have you talked with someone about Jesus this week?
2. Have you managed your time wisely?
3. Have you taken time to thank the Lord this week? Have you had your quiet times?
4. Have you had a good attitude toward your spouse and children this week? (N/A)
5. Have you said damaging things about another person, either behind their back or to their face?
6. Have you succumbed to a personal addiction?
7. Have you continued to remain angry toward another?
8. Have you fantasized a romantic relationship with someone other than your spouse or read or seen any sexual alluring material?
9. Have you lacked integrity in your financial dealings? Have you spent recklessly?
10. Have you secretly wished for another’s misfortune so that you might excel?
11. Have you been completely truthful with me just now?