10 Things Marc Learned From Marriage

I asked Marc to write 10 Things He’s Learned From Marriage as a response to the 10 Things I’ve Learned From Marriage. Enjoy his first official blog post (hopefully there will be a lot more where that came from)!!

1. There is always a deeper beauty to be found in your wife, it does only get better, when God designs something like marriage He knows what He is doing.

2. Taking time to stare into the eyes of your wife everyday is meaningful and well worth it.

3. Dying to self takes on a whole new reality.

4. It is harder to care for the things of the world when you are married then when you are single.

5. There are no time-outs in marriage.

6. Society is almost 100% wrong about EVERYTHING pertaining to marriage. While you are single–study God’s Word not the movies or tv or magazines.

7. No one has the answer to your marriage. Seriously go to God first and stay away from those people who think they have an answer to the problems your marriage will have/has. No one can understand the depths of you and your spouse except God alone.

8. Cooking is better when you are cooking for someone else.

9. The best remedy for most problems that arise is to re-focus on those things that matter eternally!

10. And most importantly, goats are the key to a happy marriage! Just ask Renee ;)

The Goat Story [from Renee]: Marc told me he wanted to buy me a goat instead of an engagement ring. We had a good laugh about it, but I eventually said “no.” (Shocker). Then he told me he wanted to propose at a petting zoo. When I said “no” to that as well–we eventually compromised by naming my ring “the goat.”

[Goat picture found on Pinterest, my new favorite obsession. Second picture is Renee’s ring also known as the goat].