Becoming a Diva – Devote Yourself

devote yourself

As Devotional Diva gains new followers, I want to let everyone know that YOU can have your story published on Devotional Diva! We love guest bloggers over here and want to give everyone the chance to help spur other women forward.

DD is always growing and changing, and so can guest posts! In the past, most guest posts have truly been devotionals. However, I opened up submissions to videos, music and other mediums in 2014. I think it creates a good variety of content, and I’d love to have more photography and videos to share.

This year, I’d like to open submissions up even further. Since I have been posting more travel and lifestyle content, I’m open to any ideas related to those areas, too.

Please know that “sharing your story” can be an awesome healing experience and has the power to affect so many women’s lives. That’s how I got my start here at DD!

If you’d like to Become a Diva and spur other women forward, please contact me at editor (at)

For more information on guest blogging for Devotional Diva, please see the Become a Diva page.dd-sig